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  • Twitter gives brands DM buttons for people to open links, post pre-written tweets

    Twitter is rolling out buttons that brands can add to direct messages that, when clicked, can direct people to visit the brand’s site, post a pre-written tweet, follow the brand’s account or open a DM thread with another of the brand’s accounts. Brands can only use the buttons through Twitter’s API to manage their accounts’ direct messages.

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  • Twitter officially opens direct messages to chatbots

    … “Bot” is a tricky word when it comes to Twitter. Maybe that’s why, for all the hype around chatbots on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Skype, Twitter’s own chatbot efforts have stayed somewhat under the radar. But maybe that’s about to change. On Thursday, Twitter officially opened up its developer tools so that any business…

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  • Twitter adds keyword, hashtag, emoji blocking to curb abusive tweets

    … on Twitter’s site. To block an entire conversation, a person can pull up an individual, expanded tweet from that conversation, click the downward-facing arrow and select to mute the conversation. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, has been covering the digital marketing industry since 2011. He has reported…

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  • Want to become Twitter verified? There’s an application process for that

    … Looking to become Twitter verified? In case you weren’t aware, the process before was a bit of a mess and quite a hit and miss experience. Twitter has likely known about this all along. That’s why they announced today that there’s now an application process for verified accounts. This process, as the company explains, will “allow people…

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