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  • Twitter gives brands DM buttons for people to open links, post pre-written tweets

    Twitter is rolling out buttons that brands can add to direct messages that, when clicked, can direct people to visit the brand’s site, post a pre-written tweet, follow the brand’s account or open a DM thread with another of the brand’s accounts. Brands can only use the buttons through Twitter’s API to manage their accounts’ direct messages.

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  • Twitter adds Direct Message Cards for advertisers to kick-start specific conversations

    One of chatbots’ main challenges is kick-starting a conversation. So Twitter is introducing its own kind of ice-breaker. Twitter is rolling out Direct Message Cards that attach a menu of buttons to a Promoted Tweet that people can select to start a DM thread on a particular topic with the advertiser’s bot or the humans that may manage the brand’s private messages.

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  • Twitter officially opens direct messages to chatbots

    … that it has been toeing since last year. Last November, Twitter began testing options for some brands to automate their direct message conversations. It introduced welcome messages that would automatically greet people starting a DM thread with a brand’s Twitter account and added menus of pre-formatted reply buttons that people could tap to communicate…

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  • How IBM’s Watson scores the tone of Trump’s tweets

    …, emotional, compassionate, thoughtful and not exerting certainty or inhibition. And aside from being slightly angrier, the president-elect’s Twitter tone hasn’t changed much. Like I said above, I’m not sure what to make of Watson’s results. So I’ll leave it up to you to judge for yourself by checking out the charts below. But before you do, a quick…

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  • Twitter adds keyword, hashtag, emoji blocking to curb abusive tweets

    … For years Twitter has had a harassment problem. While that doesn’t seem to have affected marketers’ opinions of Twitter, it could turn off regular users who don’t want to spend time on social network where people are free to fire slurs and other hateful words at them. So Twitter is giving people new options to police the tweets they see…

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  • Twitter expanding Featured Tweets and response time tests to more brands

    …-1990s, he began developing and marketing websites and continued to provide consulting services for more than 15 years. His SEO and social media clients ranged from mom-and-pop small businesses to one of the Top 5 online retailers. Matt is a longtime speaker at marketing events around the U.S., including keynote and panelist roles. He can be found on Twitter at @MattMcGee. You can read Matt's disclosures on his personal blog. You can reach Matt via email using our Contact page. …

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  • Want to become Twitter verified? There’s an application process for that

    … to identify key individuals and organizations on Twitter as authentic” denoted by the blue badge icon that is displayed to the right of their username. For Twitter, that authenticity corresponds to companies of public interest: organizations in TV, film, fashion, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, government and other areas of key interest…

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