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    • How to get started with Twitter advertising

      Twitter can be an effective platform to advertise your business. Here’s how to create the perfect ad for your campaign objectives. Twitter counts a total number of 328 million monthly active users, with more than 500 million tweets sent each day. This brings out a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of the platform to promote their presence.

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  • I’m Testing Twitter’s New Amplification

    … Twitter is testing a beta advertising program where they amplify your tweets. It’s $99 a month and you select the geography as well as some target categories. I’m still a fan of Twitter and I’m intrigued by this offering, so when I received the email asking me to join the beta I had to say yes. I wanted to share some random thoughts so that I…

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  • Should I Be Running Ads on Twitter?

    … are wondering how long Twitter has left. For marketers, a different question rears its head. Should I still advertise on Twitter? The answer is a resounding “no” for many of us. And that makes sense. Even if we set platform longevity aside, Twitter ads have proven to be more expensive than their counterparts on Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest…

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  • 4 Travel Social Ad Campaigns That Go The Extra Mile

    … a personal, intimate nature, it makes sense that ads incorporating that same style resonate with audiences. Instead of promoting products or services with broad strokes, try communicating the value of your travel brand by showcasing how it impacts individuals. Airbnb uses a Facebook video ad to tell the story of one family exploring the wide variety…

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  • Scoring A Twitter Touchdown: 4 Advertising Strategies For The Football Season

    … craft a Twitter ad campaign around football, make sure you follow these four important steps in order to score touchdown ads that drive revenue for your business: 1. Make Mobile A Top Priority Whether fans are viewing the game on a TV, laptop or mobile device, chances are there’s more than one device involved. Using a social channel to discuss plays…

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  • 4 Next-Level Twitter Advertising Strategies For Performance Marketers

    … Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. Want to make your Twitter advertising campaigns more effective? There are many strategies that can help you generate additional revenue from your Twitter ads. Try these next-level techniques that will get audiences…

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  • When Twitter And TV Collide: The Secrets Behind Successful Cross-Channel Campaigns

    …. That’s why adding social ads on sites like Twitter to the mix is a sound strategy for driving the action that your commercial may not be able to deliver on its own. Aside from increasing conversions, this approach also keeps your message top of mind. According to Twitter, TV advertisers have seen a 9% average lift in ad recall, compared to other…

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  • 7 Twitter Ads Using Color To Drive Clicks And Revenue

    … that bright hues stand out in Facebook and Instagram news feeds, the colors in your Twitter ads are the first thing that users will notice. However, using the right colors in your Twitter ads can do more than grab attention. Different shades can communicate your company’s messaging, create an atmosphere, or motivate users to take downstream action…

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  • 5 Vital Strategies For Improving User Acquisition With Twitter Ads

    … Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. Whether you’re marketing an ecommerce app, game or business, Twitter ads make user acquisition easy. With the ability to target over 310 million monthly active users around the globe, your ads can reach a massive…

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  • Hey Twitter, I Tried Ads and Here’s What Happened

    … I’ve read mixed reviews on Twitter Advertising. Not having used it myself, I thought it might be worth giving a shot. I’d like to attract some more folks to the Marketing Technology Twitter account and I wanted to see whether some ads would help. I guess I don’t get to find out. Hey @TwitterAds, I tried to spend money with you but you wouldn’t…

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  • Seasonal Advertising Has Sprung On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    … products and services that go hand-in-hand with their spring and summer plans. Audiences have home improvement, fashion, sports, weddings and more on their minds, and companies can drive revenue by tapping into those needs with seasonal and timely ads. Retailers aren’t the only ones who can capitalize on the changing seasons. In fact, many other…

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