Twitter Best Practices

  • A significant content insight if you’re marketing personal services

    … observations I made: All of their new business was coming from existing human connections, not content. The content being created on their site was not attached to a person. You could not tell who wrote the post. There was only one video on the site and it was almost a year old. The blog posts were primarily about company processes, not customer…

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  • Social Media Hashtags in a Nutshell

    … For years many social media savvy marketers have tapped into the power of hashtags to grow their brand, community and even generate leads and sales. Hashtags are a big part of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Even LinkedIn now leverage hashtags and even lets their users search for content using hashtags. Instagram…

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  • 4 Next-Level Twitter Advertising Strategies For Performance Marketers

    … they are on the site Chase can easily move them down the conversion funnel with offers and incentives. Free Guide: How to Build Twitter Ad Creative That Converts This guide features pro tips, creative best practices, and real-world ad examples for three of the most common direct response advertising objectives on Twitter. Download the Guide …

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  • A complete strategy for effective scheduled tweets

    … content, so if you’ve got the time I encourage you to take a peek. There are three main tools I use to schedule my tweets (personally and professionally): 1) Klout This tool may surprise some of you, but what I like about Klout is that: It curates content for me based on my needs/keywords I can search for content labeled “hidden gem” in Klout…

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  • 4 Ecommerce Twitter Ads That Are Driving Revenue For Online Retailers

    … to reach valuable new shoppers. According to eMarketer, ecommerce purchases influenced by Twitter exposure to a brand have an average order value of $162.52. How can your ecommerce brand harness the power of Twitter advertising? Here are just a few examples of real-life retailers attracting clicks and purchases through eye-catching creative…

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  • 3 Social media lessons I learned from my painful hospital stay

    … the very recent past: 1-Scan Facebook and Twitter feeds 2-Stumble upon statement I (strongly) disagree with and get triggered 3-Engage in threaded debates I don’t know about you, but I have never changed my opinion because of a Facebook or Twitter debate, and I doubt I have changed anyone’s mind, either. A neighboring patient I talked…

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  • 10 Creative And Copy Best Practices For Twitter Advertising

    … Indochino ran in the winter, making it on-trend and relevant to Twitter users’ immediate needs. An ad that focused on all of Indochino’s clothing offerings (such as shorts that are better suited for the summer) wouldn’t have been as topical or as actionable. 4. Speak To Your Audience When you run ads on social media, a general best practice…

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  • One easy tip to increase content sharing immediately

    … no title, but the URL takes up all the tweetable space! Remember that when somebody re-tweets you, their Twitter handle is added to the tweet and perhaps a comment like “MUST read!” If it gets tweeted again, another name is added to the tweet and so on. Obviously, your goal should be to send out an accurate tweet with as few characters as possible…

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