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  • Twitter to cut workforce by 350 employees to refocus efforts

    … What’s happening at Twitter lately? Today, we found out that 350 employees have been laid off, or 9% of the workforce. The cuts were announced alongside the company’s Q3 earnings which exceeded Wall Street expectations. The employees were just notified prior to the Q3 announcements, but the team will be addressed as a whole by CEO Jack Dorsey…

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  • Twitter’s Q3 2016 Earnings Report in 5 Charts

    … Twitter released its third-quarter earnings results on Thursday morning. Here’s a quick rundown of how the social network’s business is doing. Twitter continues to make money but not a profit Twitter has not turned a profit since at least the first quarter of 2012. Despite total revenue growing by 8% year-over-year to $615.9 million…

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  • Twitter’s debate livesteam viewership exceeds NFL audience — again

    …, Facebook's ad-tech ambitions and ad blocking's rise; and documented digital video's biggest annual event VidCon, BuzzFeed's branded video production process and Snapchat Discover's ad load six months after launch. He has also developed tools to monitor brands' early adoption of live-streaming apps, compare Yahoo's and Google's search designs and examine the NFL's YouTube and Facebook video strategies. …

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  • Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone

    Today Twitter is officially opening up Moments so that anyone can curate their own topic-based feed of tweets. A combination of social content curation service Storify, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s Live Stories, Moments could be poised to become the social network’s unique spin on Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, if enough people use it.

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  • Twitter’s NFL livestream and Facebook’s Sports Stadium should get married

    Twitter’s NFL livestream last night was fine, but could have been better if the feeds of tweets attached to it were better. Facebook’s Sports Stadium, released earlier this year, has been fine, but could be better if the play-by-play feed were closer to live. The two rival products should get married; they complete each other. That will never happen.

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  • Twitter now lets brands say when they’re available to respond to tweets

    Twitter is playing catch-up with Facebook once again when it comes to becoming brands’ favored social platform for customer service. Businesses’ Twitter profiles can now display the hours that a company is available to respond to people’s tweets — such as “24/7” or “4am-11pm” — and feature a button people can click to send it a direct message.

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  • Twitter rolls out apps for Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon’s Fire TV

    Twitter’s TV apps will broadcast Thursday Night Football games as well as other live shows, Periscope streams, Vine clips and normal tweets. Thursday Night Football isn’t the only thing premiering on TV this week. So is Twitter. Twitter is rolling out apps for Apple TV, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Amazon’s Fire TV so that people in certain regions (more on that below) will be ...

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  • Twitter rolls out an app for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant

    … Copyright Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant now speaks Twitter. Twitter has rolled out an app called Twitter Reader so that people can have their Amazon Echo smart speakers or other Alexa-enabled devices recite their Twitter feeds. The app — which appears to be the first Alexa app from a major…

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  • Twitter floats better revenue split for creators’ YouTube, Facebook videos

    Twitter wants to attract digital video stars to help build its video business. But it can’t offer them more eyeballs than YouTube or Facebook — who already have those creators’ attentions and their videos — so it’s offering a better cut of the revenue than its larger, more established rivals. On Tuesday Twitter extended the video ad program it opened last year for publishers ...

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  • Twitter updates interface with quality filter and notification improvements

    … Twitter is tackling its harassment concerns by making changes to the user experience. Today, the company announced ways users can enjoy Twitter without the abuse. Changes include being able to limit notifications only to people who you follow on Twitter (if opted in; otherwise, the experience remains unchanged) and a quality filter, now open…

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  • 4 ways for Twitter to stay relevant

    …!). But Twitter execs need to put the pride aside and realize that imitation may be a necessary evil to keep their company in business. Borrowing features from other successful social platforms is a way to stay relevant, respond to your demographics’ needs and wants, and, most importantly, provide convenience for users, so they don’t need to hop around…

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