Twitter: Business Issues

  • Twitter’s total revenue shrinks for the first time as ad revenue decline steepens

    Twitter released its first-quarter earnings results on Wednesday morning. Here’s a quick rundown of how the social network’s business is doing. Tl;dr version: Twitter’s audience size problem has faded, but its money problems have grown. Twitter’s total revenue is no longer growing Twitter’s old money problem was that it had never turned a profit. Then its ad revenue started to shrink.

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  • Twitter explores paid subscription version of Tweetdeck as ad biz struggles

    … on Thursday. “We’re conducting this survey to assess the interest in a new, more enhanced version of Tweetdeck. We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions, and we’re exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck even more valuable for professionals,” a Twitters…

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  • Twitter’s ad revenue declined in Q4 2016

    … Twitter released its fourth-quarter earnings results on Thursday morning. Here’s a quick rundown of how the social network’s business is doing. Twitter continues to make money but not a profit Twitter has not turned a profit since at least the first quarter of 2012. But that’s not the only money problem Twitter now has. Despite total revenue…

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  • Twitter’s safety updates address user bans, abuse and safe search

    … results and collapsing low-quality (or abusive) tweets. New Accounts Twitter says it’s being proactive about identifying users whose accounts have been suspended, primarily as a result of abuse and harassment, to ensure that they will not recreate new accounts. Safer Search A “safe search” will be implemented to remove tweets that contain sensitive…

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  • Twitter’s NFL streams averaged 265,800 per-minute viewers across 10 games

    … TV viewership — peaked at 327,000 viewers in Week 3 and bottomed out at 209,000 viewers in Week 11, after a three-game Twitter-streaming hiatus. While Twitter’s average minute audience trended downward over the course of the season, the social network’s total in-game audience — viewers who tuned in for at least three seconds between kick-off…

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  • 2016: The Year in Social Media

    … and celebrities to produce live streams and inserting ads within some broadcasts. Twitter signed deals with the NFL, CBS, Bloomberg, Cheddar and others to air ad-supported TV-style and actual TV broadcasts on its service. And both Facebook and Twitter ramped up their efforts to get normal people to live-stream on their platforms, as did Instagram and YouTube…

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  • Twitter overcharged video advertisers due to error in its Android app

    Well, Twitter has one-upped Facebook. For more than a month, Twitter incorrectly measured brands’ video ads running on Android devices and overcharged advertisers as a result, the company said on Thursday. “We recently discovered a technical error due to a Twitter product update to Android clients that affected some video ad campaigns from November 7 to December 12.

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