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    • Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone

      Today Twitter is officially opening up Moments so that anyone can curate their own topic-based feed of tweets. A combination of social content curation service Storify, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s Live Stories, Moments could be poised to become the social network’s unique spin on Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, if enough people use it.

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    • Twitter’s debate livesteam viewership exceeds NFL audience — again

      Maybe people’s interest in watching live broadcasts on Twitter is growing in general. Or maybe people are more into watching two people talk on Twitter than two teams play football. More people tuned into Bloomberg Politics’ presidential debate livestream on Twitter Sunday night than have tuned into any one of the three Thursday Night Football games syndicated on Twitter so far this season.

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  • Twitter rolls out apps for Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon’s Fire TV

    … Twitter’s TV apps will broadcast Thursday Night Football games as well as other live shows, Periscope streams, Vine clips and normal tweets. Thursday Night Football isn’t the only thing premiering on TV this week. So is Twitter. Twitter is rolling out apps for Apple TV, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Amazon’s Fire TV so that people in certain…

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  • Twitter rolls out an app for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant

    … Copyright Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant now speaks Twitter. Twitter has rolled out an app called Twitter Reader so that people can have their Amazon Echo smart speakers or other Alexa-enabled devices recite their Twitter feeds. The app — which appears to be the first Alexa app from a major…

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  • Twitter updates interface with quality filter and notification improvements

    … Twitter is tackling its harassment concerns by making changes to the user experience. Today, the company announced ways users can enjoy Twitter without the abuse. Changes include being able to limit notifications only to people who you follow on Twitter (if opted in; otherwise, the experience remains unchanged) and a quality filter, now open…

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  • 4 ways for Twitter to stay relevant

    … When asked where my clients put their social advertising dollars to drive real ROI, I frequently find myself saying, “Facebook is like the Google of social, and Twitter is like Bing.” I hate saying it, but it’s the reality. Facebook dominates in terms of ad dollars and performance and has the user base and engagement to back up growth…

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  • Will Twitter address its harassment issue?

    … of the Blogger playbook, free speech has been embedded into the DNA of the platform. While that has had its merits, it has also made the platform a playground for trolls. From infrastructure issues to the attraction of anonymity, many people have been pushed away. Twitter has responded with nothing more than a basic acknowledgment of the article…

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  • Twitter will hand out awards to spark advertiser interest, investment

    … There are two ways to get someone to do something: encourage them with some kind of carrot or command them with some sort of stick. With an ad business beset by lower-than-expected demand from advertisers, Twitter can’t take a stick to marketers to make them buy its ads. So it’s holding out a carrot. Twitter has organized an awards program…

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  • Twitter’s ad biz struggles under pressure on video ad pricing

    … expected. And in both quarters Twitter admitted that it attracted less demand from advertisers than anticipated. To be clear Twitter’s advertising business is still growing. In the second quarter, its ad revenue increased by 18% year-over-year to hit $534.5 million, with mobile accounting for 89% of that revenue. But its growth has decelerated…

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  • Twitter recycles 7-year-old tagline in new ad campaign

    … On a day that one high-profile tech company that, for years, had notoriously struggled to define itself gave up its independence — and soon its brand — another is trying to reassert itself. Twitter debuted a new ad campaign on Monday that attempts to define the former social network and now news company. “Twitter is where you go to see what’s…

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