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  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet

    …, is an effective way to measure your campaign’s reach. Favorites – They may not do much for social selling, but they are a good way to measure what your audience likes. Think of it as a “good job”. They liked that content, so show them more of it. Retweets – By retweeting, they’ve basically said, “I like this and I think others will too…

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  • How to Get Thousands of Targeted Twitter Followers Every Month

    … Over the past 6 years, my focus on Twitter has continued to increase. There are a lot of marketers and big brands that are shifting their focus away from Twitter and I have read many articles that claim that Twitter is dying. I disagree. Not only do I believe that Twitter is a great marketing channel right now and will be into the future, but I…

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  • 15 Top People On Twitter To Follow – September

    … Here is a New list pf 15 Top People On Twitter To Follow for September. I don’t know about you, but for me, the year is flying by, and Fall in New England is the best place to be. Cooler weather, trees changing colors, PUMPKIN PIE lol. I guess it doesn’t help when you want into a store you see Halloween stuff RIGHT beside Christmas stuff… yes…

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  • 12 Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid

    … Twitter Mistakes To Avoid Twitter can be one of the best things you can do for your blog, brand or business and at the same time, Twitter can be your biggest waste of time. Trust.. I know by experience that Twitter can EASILY become addictive and suck time out of your day haha That’s why you need to have your end goal in mind from what you…

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  • 10 Twitter Tips For Newbies

    … Twitter Tips To Get You Started Right This past week I have talked to a few people about how effective Twitter is and if it is worth your time. I of course said.. “Ummmm Yes!” Their main complaint is that Twitter has to much noise/garbage to be a benefit to anyone. Now I agree there is A LOT of noise, but you can control the noise, so…

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