Twitter Identity

  • What do Your Tweets Say About Your Dark Side?

    … Do you consider yourself a passionate person? Or maybe you’re something of an egotist? Are you materialistic? And perhaps a little mischievous? A new Twitter tool developed by psychotherapist Dr Sandra Scott and wine brand Apothic analyzes your most recent 3,500 tweets to determine what your timeline says about your dark side. According…

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  • Twitter’s ‘Digits’ Will Let You Sign Up For Third Party Apps With Your Phone Number

    … Twitter’s first mobile developer conference, Flight, took place yesterday in San Francisco, with the company unveiling their new Fabric platform for mobile app developers. One aspect of Fabric that’s very interesting is Digits, a new Twitter-powered tool that lets users sign in to their party apps with just their mobile phone number. (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. …

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