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  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet

    … robust analytics on its site, but it’s easy to get bogged down by all the numbers. To figure out which KPIs to focus on it’s important to break them out by your channel goals. What Do You Want to Use Twitter For? Direct customer service? Track these metrics: Average Reply Time – This absolutely must be on par with industry standards…

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  • 140 Characters Aren’t Enough: 5 Types of Visuals You Should Tweet

    … Visual content is a great way to stand out in the never-ending stream of 140-character messages that appear on Twitter – by an overall rate of 6000 per second. It will not only help you to get twice as much vertical space in the timeline, but it will boost your engagement and result in 35% more re-tweets and 18% more click-throughs. Not a bad…

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