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  • Social Media Customer Service 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … Did you know that studies have shown that 59 percent of questions and complaints made to brands on Twitter go unanswered? When you learn that 72 percent of Twitter users expect a response, and 42 percent expect a response within the hour, that presents something of a disconnect. Indeed, only 36 percent of customers report having…

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  • How do Journalists use Social Media in Ireland? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … 99 percent of journalists in Ireland use one or more social media tools in professional capacities, with 92 percent using Twitter at least once per day for work purposes. These findings come courtesy of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway, which also discovered that 100 percent of politics reporters in Ireland use Twitter once…

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  • The 5 Biggest Tweets From the 2015 GRAMMYs [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … By Shea Bennett on Feb. 9, 2015 - 9:00 AM Twitter loves awards shows, and awards shows – and their nominees, presenters and performers – love Twitter. The GRAMMYs are no exception, and the 2015 event saw stars from the world of music take to Twitter to share their feelings about the night. But which stars’ tweets fared best? 5 Seconds…

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  • 12 #Twitter Facts for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … What’s on your agenda for 2015, and how does Twitter fit into your marketing plans? We’re two weeks into January and one in five Twitter users planned to exercise more this year. Have they been keeping up with that resolution, or are those running shoes already back in the cupboard? Statistically, the latter is more probable than the former…

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  • 12 Twitter Stats to Help You Get More Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Want to get more conversions on Twitter? It’s not enough to simply tweet – you have to actively measure and analyse your performance. For example, did you know that images drive 18 percent more click-throughs, 89 percent more favourites and 150 percent more retweets than text-only tweets? And if you really want retweets, ask for them: specifically stating \"please retweet\ ...

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  • These Will be the Top Toys This Christmas (According to #Twitter)

    … Have you finished your Christmas shopping? For your sake, I hope so, as things tend to get a little crazy in the last-minute run-up to Christmas Day. Especially if you’re buying for kids – leave it too late, and that must-have Christmas toy is all but guaranteed to be out of stock. (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media…

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  • When is the Best Time to Tweet on Black Friday? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … It’s Black Friday tomorrow, and brands around the world will be slashing prices to entice you to spend as much as possible. Last year, around 141 million U.S. consumers shopped on the day after Thanksgiving, spending a whopping $57.4 billion. Which means there’s an awful lot at stake. So, if you’re a brand looking to drive Black Friday business to your website via Twitter, when’s the best time to tweet? (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. …

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