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    • Maximize your business’s Twitter impact

      Twitter is too often overlooked by growing businesses. While it may not rival Facebook in popularity, Twitter still has over 300 million monthly active users. What’s more, 50 percent of Twitter users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online. To create and manage an effective Twitter page for your business, keep the following tips in mind. 1.

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  • 4 ways for Twitter to stay relevant

    … When asked where my clients put their social advertising dollars to drive real ROI, I frequently find myself saying, “Facebook is like the Google of social, and Twitter is like Bing.” I hate saying it, but it’s the reality. Facebook dominates in terms of ad dollars and performance and has the user base and engagement to back up growth…

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  • Elon Musk and the rise of the social executive

    … other companies at the same time. He talks differently from most CEOs, diving deep into theories on humanity and gushing about science fiction more than discussing balance sheets. But the best measure of how he’s different is how he acts, and there’s no better place to see that in action than on Twitter. On Twitter, Musk (@elonmusk) is an anomaly…

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  • Twitter recycles 7-year-old tagline in new ad campaign

    … also waiting to hear back on what exactly the “new look and feel in our marketing,” as mentioned in Berland’s blog post, will be. In the meantime, you can check out another of Twitter’s new video spots below. See what’s happening — politics on Twitter. — Twitter (@twitter) July 25, 2016 About The Author Tim Peterson, Third…

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  • How Twitter bios can help you find your audience

    … Social media is as much about sharing information as expressing a certain kind of image to the rest of the world. Being able to choose the moments we want to share (and leave out the ones we’d rather not) gives users the ability to curate a public perception — a mix of who we really are and who we want to be. But these self-identifying labels…

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  • New Twitter features can boost brand engagement

    … On the surface, Twitter is the simplest of social networks. You type out a quick 140 characters, maybe link to something or include an image… and then you blast it out to your followers, leading to engagement and conversations online. But when it comes to actually using Twitter well, both personally and as a brand-building tool, it ends up…

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  • The “social iceberg”: The data on 1:1 marketing may surprise you

    … campaigns across the industry with a good amount of polish and planning behind them. Award-winning content is usually meant for a brand’s entire audience, to be shouted from a megaphone to all followers and fans. But there’s another side to social media marketing: the 1:1 conversations that brands are having with individuals every single day. These…

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