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  • Why Duplicating Tweets is a Good Strategy

    … tweet. So if you’ve got a compelling message, how do you ensure more of your audience sees it? You duplicate your tweets. Now, when we say “duplicate tweets,” that doesn’t mean copy and pasting tweets word-for-word and spamming your followers’ timelines. Instead, we’re using the term loosely, to mean tweeting the same meaning using different words…

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  • How to Create a Holiday Twitter Schedule

    … ideas for you to help you create a holiday Twitter schedule – so you can take some much deserved rest knowing that your tweets are all queued up. Step 1: Make a list of the celebrations December is a big month for celebrations around the world. Make a list of the specific holidays that you’d like to acknowledge on Twitter. Try to gather some…

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  • 3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling Your Tweets

    … Scheduling tweets can free up your time and make sure your Twitter account is “on” when you need it to be. But there are other, less obvious benefits of using a Twitter schedule that you will begin to notice the more comfortable you get with scheduling. 1. Your brand voice will be stronger Do you have a solid understanding of your brand’s…

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