Twitter V Facebook

  • Twitter’s Growth Rate Is Tiny Compared to Facebook

    … Twitter’s growth problem is well-established. In the fourth quarter of 2014, the platform added just 4 million more monthly active users, which equates to growth of just 1.4 percent. Over that same period, Facebook, which is already four times the size of Twitter, grew 3.1 percent. Indeed, Facebook has added almost as many users in the last…

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  • Twitter is Nearing Profitability, But Still has a Serious Growth Problem

    … – after first falling, the stock rallied significantly in after-hours trade. But the slow growth in overall usage is still a major problem, and one that will keep the stock pegged down for the foreseeable future. The company has released a number of new features in recent weeks that they hope will attract and, critically, retain new users, and the market will be looking for signs of this with the Q1 2015 earnings release. (Twitter image: Pete Simon via Flickr.) …

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  • LinkedIn Beats Twitter for Content Marketing, Says Study

    … LinkedIn has leap-frogged Twitter as the No. 1 social network for content marketing, reveals a new study. A December survey from the Content Marketing Institute and the Direct Marketing Association UK found that 96 percent of respondents use LinkedIn for content marketing, compared to 85 percent in 2013. Twitter finished second in the poll…

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  • UK Teens Losing Interest in Twitter, Says Study

    … Facebook remains the number one social network amongst teenage social media users in the United Kingdom, but Twitter has fallen in popularity year-on-year, reveals a new study. Ofcom polled UK social media users aged 12-15 years of age and found that 96 percent used Facebook, down just 1 percent from 2013. Twitter, meanwhile, is used by 28…

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