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  • Twitter is Still Bigger Than Instagram, Says Study

    … Last December Instagram reached 300 million monthly active users (MAUs) on the platform, making it bigger than Twitter, which had just 284 million MAUs. A few days later, however, Instagram deleted millions of spam accounts from its system, which we theorised meant that it was now smaller than Twitter. Turns out we were right. GlobalWebIndex…

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  • UK Teens Losing Interest in Twitter, Says Study

    … Facebook remains the number one social network amongst teenage social media users in the United Kingdom, but Twitter has fallen in popularity year-on-year, reveals a new study. Ofcom polled UK social media users aged 12-15 years of age and found that 96 percent used Facebook, down just 1 percent from 2013. Twitter, meanwhile, is used by 28…

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  • Interest in #Twitter is Declining Worldwide (But #Instagram Has Never Been More Popular)

    … Twitter hasn’t had the best of years. The stock price has crumbled, analysts are calling for CEO Dick Costolo’s head and the platform is still struggling to find and retain new users. I have some more bad news: general interest in Twitter worldwide is also very much on the descent, whereas interest in rival Instagram has never been greater. (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. …

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  • Twitter Co-Founder Doesn’t Care That Instagram Has More Users

    … This week Instagram passed Twitter for total number of active users, registering 300 million to Twitter’s 284 million. As I wrote in my post, it’s a big deal inasmuch as the active user number is easily the most reported metric for all social platforms. Lots of people seem to really care about it. But here’s one person who doesn’t: Twitter co…

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  • Teens Prefer Twitter to Facebook (But Instagram is Number One) [STUDY]

    … Teenagers are a fickle bunch, prone to leaping from one thing to another as soon the latter becomes cool and the former obsolete – in their minds, at least. The peaks and troughs in social media activity perhaps epitomises this as well as anything, and a new study has revealed that Facebook usage has dropped off significantly amongst teens this year, and it’s Instagram that is picking up the spoils. (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. …

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