Type-In Traffic

Type-in traffic is a term describing visitors landing at a web site by entering a keyword or phrase (with no spaces or a hyphen in place of a space) in the web browser's address bar (and adding .com or in a mobile browser address bar and adding .mobi or any other gTLD (generic top-level domain) or ccTLD extension (country code top-level domain); rather than following a hyperlink from another web page, using a browser bookmark, or a search-box search. Type-in traffic is a form of direct navigation.Example: If you are interested in widgets, then instead of performing a search-engine search for the term 'widgets' you might type 'widgets.com' or 'widgets.
Posts about Type-In Traffic
  • A Thorough Data Analysis of Google’s Pirate Filter

    … tracks without permission, including songs by Eminem, Green Day, Jay-Z and Madonna. For all the merits of file-sharing websites, and there are many, this seems flat-out wrong. So wrong, in fact, that in one of the three major lawsuits against the company, their liability totaled $17 billion dollars. OK, perhaps we won’t shed a tear for Madonna, Jay-Z…

    Eric Van Buskirk/ Search Engine Journalin SEO Google- 8 readers -
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