• Twitter Debuts New Customer-Support Features for Brands

    … that are displayed when users search for accounts, @mention them in tweets or communicate with them via direct messages. And businesses can choose to display their hours of availability, so Twitter users know when they are most likely to receive help. The direct message button will also be more prominent on those brands’ profiles. Businesses can…

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  • Twitter Engage: Twitter’s Answer to Facebook Mentions

    … Celebrities, public figures and journalists have Facebook Mentions from Facebook, and starting Tuesday, they also have Twitter Engage from Twitter. Senior product manager Matt Dennebaum announced the launch of the new application in a blog post Tuesday, saying that at launch, it is only available for iOS users in the U.S. Much like Facebook…

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  • Facebook Groups: Facebook’s Newest Stand-Alone App

    … Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone out of his way to mention Facebook’s groups feature during the company’s earnings calls for the third quarter of 2014 and fourth quarter of 2013, hinting during the latter that a stand-alone application might be forthcoming. Forthcoming is now here, as the social network announced the launch of its…

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  • Derek Jeter’s Final Season and Facebook

    … song played out on Facebook in a post on the Facebook Media blog. According to Shaw, more than 9.5 million Facebook users engaged in conversations related to Jeter from Sept. 1 through 25, with some celebrities, athletes and even former presidents using the social network’s Facebook Mentions application to do so. Shaw wrote: In February…

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  • Buzz Aldrin Lands at Facebook HQ

    … in the future? Aldrin: According to an eminent controller of Mars orbiters from Earth, the traverses of Spirit and Opportunity in five years could have been accomplished in one week by human intelligence in orbit around Mars. Charles Gildart: Wish you had more serious questions? My dad worked on the Persian missile guidance system. You knew him. Is any…

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