• Facebook Develops Custom 360-Degree Video Stabilization Technology

    … deadlock detection (we use short lock wait timeouts) and native partitioning. It also lacks interesting features that are native in InnoDB like FULLTEXT and SPATIAL indexes. Some applications need these features, and they will allow MyRocks to become an all-purpose storage engine. The good news is that MyRocks is open-source, and anyone can download, use and contribute to it to take advantage of some of the storage savings efficiencies we’ve built. …

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  • Facebook Highlights 2014 Hacks

    …, the Android SDK wasn’t able to build on OS X when we started out. One team devoted their morning to making it possible to build the library. We also hit some fairly big snags with the stability of the drones. It seemed like every team was struggling with a drifting drone for some of the day. Several teams attempted to stabilize the drones algorithmically…

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