• Q&A with James Crawford about Starting a Coworking Space within an Agency Office

      It’s been a while since I did an interview on SEOno – the last one was with Emma Barnes about selling her blog (you can see all past interviews here). However I recently discovered that James Crawford (@jamescrawford) of PR Agency One had started his own coworking space within his agency’s office and – given that I’m a bit fanatical about coworking(!) – I thought it’d make for a good interview.

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  • Working Tue to Sat: Pros & Cons of an Alternative 9-to-5

    … “What a way to make a livin’…” A few months ago, I changed up the days that I worked in order to try and achieve a better work-life balance. Instead of the traditional Monday to Friday, I dropped the Monday in favour of working on a Saturday. So still five days a week, but different days. I wasn’t going to bother blogging about it (honestly…

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  • Community: The Key to Happiness?

    … a relatively successful freelancing business, and started to run a regular industry meetup event which has garnered great feedback so far. But when you could be working with people for up to 40 hours per week (maybe more!), the people that you surround yourself with become an absolutely crucial part of your overall happiness on a day-to-day basis…

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  • Looking Back on Your Achievements

    … We all sometimes get that feeling at the end of the working day where you just sit there are you think to yourself: “enh, it feels like I didn’t get anything done today…” One of my favourite ever blog posts (which annoyingly I can’t find for the life of me now) offered a great tip on this: actually write down what you did that day. That way…

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  • Attacat selected as a Google Premier Partner!

    …BIG news! In a series of continuing firsts for our agency, we are proud to announce that Attacat has officially been chosen as one of the first Google Premier Partners! This programme, as an extension of their existing Partners initiative, is the highest certification that currently exists within Google and allows us to work even closer with them…

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  • Deconstructing the Worst Article I’ve Ever Seen

    … Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak BuzzFeedification. By “BuzzFeedification” I refer to the recent onslaught of articles that fit BuzzFeed’s style (i.e. full of GIFs and memes) and/or follow the get-as-many-ad-impressions-as-possible model, which has been adopted by many publishers at the moment – more and more by the day, it seems…

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  • #Attamadness: Lunchtime Chatter!

    … So we’re half way through our Leap Day Challenge and the #attamadness is real! Our Attacats have busy collecting supplier contacts, developing brand guidelines and building websites. “THE #Attamadness IS REAL” This morning the business idea was finally revealed to the Attacats. The concept is a UK-based comparison site for blown wood pellet…

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  • My Top 5 Takeaways from ReWork

    … Recently I started listening to audiobooks during my commute (a great tip if you don’t have much chance reading/listening to books in your spare time), and I was recently recommended ReWork by Scott Sherwood (@scottsherwood) of TestLodge. I’ve never agreed so hard with a book in all my life. I wasn’t joking when I tweeted that I was “screaming…

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  • The Importance of ICE 50 – A Member’s Perspective

    … Disclaimer: In addition to being a Welsh ICE member, they’re also a client of mine – albeit they came on-board after I joined them. So I was a member – who benefitted from the funding – first and foremost. Earlier this week, Welsh ICE (my co-working space) announced ICE 50, which you can apply to here. In short, they’re giving away 50(!) fully…

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  • Spotify is Missing a Trick: UGC & the Gamification of Explicit Tracks

    … I’m a big rock music fan, a daily Spotify user and a new dad… It’s an wild mix. Before becoming a dad, it didn’t matter what I listened to around the house. But nowadays I have to be very careful what I listen to, especially as I listen to bands like Rocket From The Crypt and The Wildhearts, whose tracks (and even song titles!) contain…

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  • Time-saving Hack: Listen To Audiobooks During Your Commute

    … Just a quick post detailing a time-saving hack that I discovered recently thanks to George Savva (@GeorgeSavva1), my effectiveness coach, who deserves full credit. For years I’ve wanted to read a few business books but I’ve found that I’ve never had the time to do so – sure enough I’d buy them, but then they’d simply sit and gather dust on my…

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  • Poison Apple – Why It Took 3 Hours to Sort Out an Apple ID for a ‘New’ Account

    … Most of the time, sorting out an Apple ID takes no more than a minute or two. You give your email address, contact details, set up security questions and you’re on the way. …Sometimes, it takes an entire Saturday afternoon, including 3 calls to Apple speaking to 4 different customer service advisors, and factors in serious data protection…

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  • A Small Change in a Big World… My First Edit on Google Maps

    (This may seem a lame and OTT post, but y’know what? It’s my blog and I can write what I want and I don’t care la-la-la I’m not listening to you…) Working in SEO and PPC, a lot of what I do revolves around Google. Be that as it may, I’m usually the first to have a moan about them, as anyone who’s ever spent five minutes reading my tweets can most likely attest to.

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  • Renewal Marketing Done Right – Rewarding Repeat Business

    … We’ve all been there. Every year, renewing your car/home/whatever insurance, you’re hitting the comparison sites because your current provider’s 2nd+ year quote has leapt up a notch. One year, instead of ‘renewing’ the traditional way, it was cheaper for me to leave my car insurance provider and rejoin the same company immediately(!) than…

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