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  • Where To Start With Amazon Marketing

    Amazon Marketing: Why It’s Important There are hundreds of millions of active accounts on Amazon. Moreover, nearly half of internet shoppers go directly to Amazon instead of starting with a search engine like Google when they are looking to make a purchase. Those are staggering numbers. But chances are you don’t need convincing that Amazon is a channel worth pursuing if you sell online.

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  • Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way

    … be used in ad headlines or in the description text. Even better, you can use these symbols in many Ad Extensions – the most impactful in this case are Sitelink Extensions, Price Extensions, and Callouts. As with all things: use your stamp strategically, measure results often, and make decisions accordingly. The post Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How Do I Get the Right Help with Content? [Infographic]

    … Connected content is a network of content pieces built around one theme or topic. The kernel of this concept is writing an article and promoting it on social, but connected content goes beyond that. Types of content might include infographics, landing pages, articles, blog posts, social posts, ebooks, and so on. The purpose of connected content…

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  • Distance from Perfect: Digital Dealer Workshops

    … factoids How Quality Score Affects Cost and per Conversion Twitter’s Algorithm Naked Mole Rats (you had to be there) Site speed vs. revenue The post Distance from Perfect: Digital Dealer Workshops appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Deodorant & Other Challenges: How I Get Content Ideas

    … If all the content around an idea is lousy, produce something much better Find questions answered in only one format (like blog posts). Upgrade the presentation of information in a slide deck, longform, a graphic, or interactive content. Don’t steal!!!! Get permission to use content, or develop your own Do I Always Have to Answer A Question…

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  • Leading Edge Analytics – Data Driven Marketing

    …. There’s no secret to why we’ve done this so well for 20 years: It’s just a combination of marketing savvy in all channels and using all the great data available. The post Leading Edge Analytics – Data Driven Marketing appeared first on Portent. …

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