Uniform Rapid Suspension

    • .xxx to get lower ICANN fees, accept the URS

      ICM Registry has negotiated lower ICANN transaction fees as part of a broad amendment to its Registry Agreement that also includes new trademark protection measures. The company’s uniquely high $2 per-transaction fee could be reduced to the industry standard $0.25 by mid-2018. As part of the renegotiated contract, ICM has also agreed to impose the Uniform Rapid Suspension p ...

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  • URS fight brewing at ICANN 53

    … Should the Uniform Rapid Suspension process spread from new gTLDs to incumbent gTLDs, possibly including .com? That’s been the subject of some strong disagreements during the opening weekend of ICANN 53, which formally kicks off in Buenos Aires today. During sessions of the Generic Names Supporting Organization and the ICANN board and staff…

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  • Two more legacy gTLDs agree to use URS

    … is worried that ICANN is trying to make URS a de facto consensus policy and thereby bring it to .com, which is still where most domainers have most of their assets. Following DI’s report about .travel, Corwin wrote last week: this proposed Registry Agreement (RA) contains a provision through which staff is trying to preempt community discussion…

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  • URS coming to .travel under big contract changes

    … The .travel gTLD, which was approved 10 years ago, will have to support the Uniform Rapid Suspension service, one of several significant changes proposed for its ICANN contract. I believe it’s the first legacy gTLD to agree to use URS, which gives trademark owners a way to remove domain names that infringe their marks that is quicker and cheaper…

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  • Uniform Rapid Suspension comes to .us

    … Neustar is to impose the Uniform Rapid Suspension policy on the .us ccTLD. This means trademark owners are going to get a faster, cheaper way to get infringing .us domains taken down. From July 1, all existing and new .us names will be subject to the policy. Neustar’s calling it the usRS or .us Rapid Suspension service, but a blog post from…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 7 readers -
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