• Schilling: big price increases needed to keep new gTLDs alive

      Uniregistry is to massively increase the price of some of its under-performing new gTLDs in an effort to keep them afloat. Sixteen TLDs from the company’s portfolio of 27 will see price increases of up to 3,000% starting September 8, CEO Frank Schilling confirmed to DI today. “We need more revenue from these strings, especially the low volume ones, without question,” he said.

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    • Schilling expects GoDaddy to return after dumping Uniregistry gTLDs

      Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling has expressed his “surprise” that GoDaddy has decided to stop selling his company’s gTLDs, but said he expects the registrar to return in future. GoDaddy’s decision to stop new registrations and inbound transfers for Uniregistry’s portfolio of gTLDs came after the registry revealed price increases for 16 strings that ranged from nominal to over 3,000%.

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  • Uniregistry says it was unaffected by mother of all DDoS attacks

    … of the biggest pieces of DDoS vandalism in the internet’s brief history. Dyn customers including Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, PayPal and Reddit were reportedly largely inaccessible for many US-based internet users over the space of three waves of attack over about 12 hours. The company said in a statement that the Mirai botnet was likely the attackers’ tool…

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  • Uniregistry to release 10 million domains on October 4

    … thousands of registry-owned domains to expire and return to the available pool. About 200,000 domains originally registered to North Sound Names, a separate Schilling-controlled company, are being made available via regular channels. Those domains were registered (rather than reserved) so that Uniregistry could throw up landing pages inviting…

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  • Rightside refuses Donuts “opportunistic” $70m gTLD offer

    … evaluation, Rightside’s Board has determined that Donuts’ proposal significantly undervalues Rightside’s Registry assets. We believe Donuts’ proposal is an opportunistic attempt to acquire Rightside’s valuable portfolio of domain extensions with an undervalued price and in a manner that would not be in the best interests of Rightside shareholders…

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  • Donuts quietly buys .shopping from Uniregistry (and .jetzt)

    … Just a few months after Uniregistry bought out Donuts to win .shopping, Donuts has bought the pre-launch gTLD back. Donuts has also bought live gTLD .jetzt from a Swedish company. The .shopping deal is a weird one. Uniregistry and Donuts were the only two applicants for .shopping, until Uniregistry paid Donuts to withdraw its application…

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  • M+M turns $22m profit into $10m loss

    … Minds + Machines today reported a 2015 loss of $10 million and further outlined its “transformative” restructuring and China strategy. It’s the second full year of operating results M+M has posted since its first new gTLDs went live, and they’re not encouraging. Revenue for accounting purposes was $6.3 million, but the cost of sales was $6.2…

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  • Schilling, Famous Four rubbish Spamhaus “worst TLD” league

    … Uniregistry and Famous Four Media have trashed claims by Spamhaus that their gTLDs are are much as 75% spam. FFM says it is “appalled” by the “wholly inaccurate” claims, while Uniregistry boss Frank Schilling said Spamhaus has “totally jumped the shark here.” In a statement to DI today, FFM chief legal officer Oliver Smith said the spam…

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  • Cars gTLD launch clears $1 million in EAP

    … There was a small turn-out for the premium launch of .cars, .car and .auto gTLDs, but the registry says it cleared over $1 million in revenue. The three gTLDs are run by Cars Registry, a venture between Uniregistry and XYZ.com. They all finished their pricey Early Access Periods yesterday and are due to enter general availability today…

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  • Uniregistry beats Donuts to .shopping, but .shop still in play

    … challenge, making the scheduled auction very complex. But Donuts and Uniregistry seem to have come to a private arrangement about .shopping, outside of the ICANN auction process, making .shop a straightforward nine-way fight. Donuts tells me the auction, in which it is participating, is still scheduled for January 27. Related posts…

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  • Uniregistry offers app for iOS

    … Uniregistry today launched an app for customers of its registrar. The Uniregistry App became available on Apple’s App Store today, for iOS-based devices. A company spokesperson said that an Android version is in the works and will become available later this year. According to the company, the app allows users to manage or buy domains as usual…

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  • Schilling: registries could wind-down unprofitable gTLDs

    … New gTLD portfolio registries may one day decide to wind down some of their gTLDs if they fail to reach profitability. That’s according to Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling, who told DI today that registries may “sunset” under-performing TLDs. His comments came in response to our post earlier today about registries going out of business…

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  • Correction: .shop auction weirder than I thought

    … The upcoming auction for .shop and .shopping new gTLDs is weird, but in a different way to which I reported on Friday. The actual rules, which are pretty complicated, mean that one applicant could win a gTLD auction without spending a single penny. The nine applicants for .shop and the two applicants for .shopping are necessarily all fighting…

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