Universal Acceptance

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  • New gTLDs still a crappy choice for email — study

    … New gTLDs may not be the best choice of domain for a primary email address, judging by new research. Over 20% of the most-popular web sites do not fully understand email addresses containing long TLDs, and Arabic email addresses are supported by fewer than one in 10 sites, a study by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group has found. Twitter…

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  • Companies losing $10 BILLION by ignoring new gTLDs — report

    … gTLD support means $3.6 billion of activity is lost, with lack of IDN support costing $6.2 billion. Despite “new” gTLDs being around for a decade and a half, there are still plenty of web sites and apps that incorrectly assume that all TLDs are either two or three characters. Others don’t support non-Latin scripts. This leads to internet users…

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