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  • Why You Should Upgrade to Google Universal Analytics

    … Let’s get this question out of the way now. Should you upgrade to Google’s new Universal Analytics? Yes. In fact, you have most likely already been upgraded to Universal Analytics. But, just because Google updated your account for you, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything else or that you are getting the most out of your new Universal…

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  • Why Google Analytics’ User Metrics Are BS [For Most Sites]

    … list.) Click for larger image Note: This site is running the classic version of Google Analytics. If it had been running Universal, you would see clientId instead of Visitor ID, like you do with my site. Click for larger image And why do you think Goog changed the nomenclature from Visitor ID to clientId? You got it! Google Analytics is measuring…

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  • Google Launches Total Overall Of Ecommerce Analytics In Beta

    … also possible to build audience segments directly from funnel reports to analyze user actions like cart and product page abandons. Funnels are available at the device category level as shown in the screenshot below. Enhanced E-commerce is built on Universal Analytics, so you'll need to have installed Universal Analytics on your site before getting started. More detail on set-up is available here. …

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  • Using A Google Tag Manager Listener To Get Your Real Bounce Rate

    … seconds or longer therefore won't count toward your bounce rate. However, this solution uses calls for a version of Google Analytics that predates Universal Analytics. Since our Conversion Scientist blog uses the new Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the calls that Aris uses in his solution won't work for us. Google Tag Manager (GTM…

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