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    • How to Impress, Not Overwhelm, Your CMO with Analytics

      April 24, 2017 When you’re in the weeds every day, there’s a major temptation to walk into your CMO’s office and spend 5 hours trying to explain all the different analytics you’ve been poring over to come to a solution. But we all know that never goes over well. Your CMO doesn’t want to hear the background fluff, nor does he or she have time.

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    • 4 Vital Strategies to Boost Enrollment for your Online Education Programs

      April 17, 2017 Attention all education marketers! We know you’re always looking for more creative and effective ways to boost your online program enrollments, and PPC is a fantastic way to do so. Our experts have put together these 4 strategies and tips to help you optimize your programs, nurture leads well and increase the quality and quantity of your enrollments.

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    • Drive Quality Conversions for Your Brand with Facebook Ads

      March 27, 2017 Everybody is fighting to get in front of their audience on Facebook. Competition is fierce and catching the focus of your audience is not an easy task. What you need are ads that work successfully for YOUR brand – not a generic fix that looks decent, but doesn’t drive conversions and customers.

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  • Best Practices and Upcoming Features in Bing Shopping

    … on everything from explaining what Bing Shopping is, to setting it up, to some effective optimizations that will give you the best results possible on the platform. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: What the benefits are to using Bing Shopping How Bing Shopping is different than Google Shopping What you can work on in the feed, in creative, and defensive strategies Presented by: Rachel Rogowin Shannon Glass Upcoming Webinars, Webinars Tweet This Article ♥Like Article URL:http://bit.ly/2o79GNO …

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  • Successfully Explain “What’s Going On” to your CMO in 10 Minutes

    … she has found to successfully answer the inevitable question of “What’s going on?”. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: How to take all of your information and break it down for your CMO How to explain what metrics are important during each stage of the funnel What information to weed out to save your CMO time Presented by: Jeff Allen Carrie Albright Upcoming Webinars, Webinars Tweet This Article ♥Like Article URL:http://bit.ly/2o74IAB …

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  • Work Smarter! Analyze Data More Efficiently with Google Sheets

    … March 20, 2017 You know Excel like the back of your hand, but have you SEEN how you can do PPC in Google Sheets? With this awesome tool, you can take your PPC efficiency and accuracy to the next level. Sit back, relax and Learn how your team can benefit from using Google Sheets with shareable reports, dashboards, and more. In this webinar…

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  • New AdWords Features You Shouldn’t Ignore: 3 Experts Share Their Secrets

    … March 13, 2017 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. EST Many new AdWords features have been rolling out, including new ad extensions. Hanapin’s Associate Director of Search, Matt Umbro, will review these new extensions while showing you how to better integrate them with your text ads, and results you can expect. Presented by: Matt Umbro 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. EST…

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  • Ask Us Anything About Programmatic!

    … out. Submit your question below, before the question box closes on March 1st! If you want to hear the answers to your questions & others, REGISTER HERE to sign up for the full live webinar on March 9th. …

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  • Why Your Agency Should Be Using a Consultative Approach

    … More about this Webinar When working with your agency, do you feel like just another client? Like every email you get is a template and sent to every account they work with? The Consultative Approach dives deep into your individual problems as a company and is more focused on achieving goals, not simply checking off tasks. In order to make…

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  • Clever Retail Strategies to Increase Online Traffic & Revenue

    … More about this Webinar As an Ecommerce business, it can be tough to find creative ways to amp up your marketing strategy. Especially if you have a brick and mortar location, how can you use your digital marketing methods to increase your in-store traffic? Then, how could you accurately attribute that traffic to your hard work online…

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  • How to Master the Mobile Market in 2017

    … More about this Webinar We’ve watched as PPC has increasingly focused more on mobile. Google and Bing are changing their algorithms, desktop is flying out the window in some areas, and having a mobile-friendly site is vital to PPC survival. We know that mobile is hot right now, but how can you measure it, and how should you adjust your mobile…

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  • Understanding the Ins and Outs of Programmatic for PPC

    … More about this Webinar Programmatic advertising is a hot topic in the world of PPC, but is probably the most often misunderstood strategy. It can appear to be a scary beast that many marketers worry about taking on, but the opportunities (and success) it can offer your overall marketing plan is worth it. In this new live webinar, Founder…

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  • New Bing Features You Need in 2017 for Optimal Performance

    … More about this Webinar With each year comes massive new updates to rock your PPC strategy, and Bing is gearing up for 2017 with a ton of new features you can look forward to. But we’re not just looking to the near future – we’re looking to 2017 and beyond, with futuristic improvements to technology that you’ll be able to use in your strategy…

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  • Webinar Series: Top Tips for Travel Marketing Success

    …, we saw an increase in revenue by over 50% in just 6 months. During this new live webinar, Hanapin experts Shannon Glass and Carrie Albright, joined by Friendly Planet’s Greg Banecker, will tell you the story of how Gmail ads allowed them to bridge the gap between those who weren’t ready to purchase a travel package and those who were familiar…

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  • PPC Predictions & Trends You Need to Know in 2017

    …. In this new live webinar, Hanapin’s Head of Paid Social, JD Prater, and Senior Account Manager, Matt Umbro, will team up with Adstage’s Marketing Director, Michael McEuen, to prep you for 2017’s future in the eyes of paid search, social, and ad tech. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: The industry-changing features you’ll be able to utilize…

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  • Mastering Excel For PPC: An Advanced Series for Better Marketing Results in 2017

    … Fix These 5 Common Excel Issues To Achieve Pro Status 1:00pm – 1:30pm EST Excel, while a fabulous tool for PPC, is not without its occasional hang-ups – as PPC thought-leaders, who would we be if we didn’t address them? In this live webinar, Account Analyst Rachael Law will ease your mind with solutions to all the common Excel issues, so…

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  • Using Data to Create a Killer Business Story For Your C-Suite

    … More about this Webinar It’s not always easy to figure out what compelling PPC data you should be pulling for your C-level executives. Most times, upper-level management cares less about the data and more about what the data and insights mean for the company’s overall marketing strategy. How do you pull the right data to create the right story…

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  • Drastically Improve Your Users’ Online Experience With A/B Testing

    … More about this Webinar When potential customers land on your website, what do they see? Do you immediately establish trust and give them what they’re looking for? The reality is, the appearance and usability of your website communicates a lot about who you are as a company, and that is why Conversion Rate Optimization is so vital to your…

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