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    • Gmail Ads Got an Upgrade! How Your Marketing Plan Can Benefit

      July 17, 2017 So you’ve heard all about Gmail ads, and you want to use them…but there may be a few things holding you back. Are you having trouble understand expectations? Is the thought of developing a strategy for Gmail ads a total mystery to you? Not sure how to gauge success? All of these concerns are so common, and we’ve brought in the experts to break down Gmail ads f ...

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    • PPC Excel Shortcuts You’ll Never Want to Forget

      July 3, 2017 We all know that Excel can save you valuable time in your PPC. The latest and greatest Excel tricks are just out there waiting for you to grab a hold of and run with. What’s the problem? The problem is you barely have enough time to breathe, let alone do hours of research on the updates that could save you time.

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    • Capitalize on the Mobile Movement with Next-Level Strategies

      July 10, 2017 Are you rocking that B2B advertising? How about B2C? No matter what area you’re targeting, we’ve seen mobile searches leapfrog over desktop and tablet. What does this mean? It means you need a killer strategy for your mobile marketing in order to take advantage of all of those mobile searches.

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  • What’s Happening in the World of Paid Social? 2017 Insights and Predictions

    … July 24, 2017 Did you know that 72% of marketers are only spending 15% of their budget on social? Well, that number is predicted to change as many plan to ramp up their paid social budget in the coming year. If you’re hesitant to increase your social budget in 2018, you may want to think again if you want to keep up with your competitors…

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  • How to Make Sure PPC Gets All the Credit

    …. In this on demand webinar, Hanapin Account Manager Dani Gonzales has been through this struggle and will show you plenty of initiatives to help you out. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: Proper Tagging Methods to make sure conversions originating from a PPC Click get proper credit How to accurately and efficiently track your path to conversion using Analytics The important role that attribution models play Presented by: Danielle Gonzales …

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  • Level Up: A Deep Dive into Problems with Conversion Tracking

    … conversions back to revenue. In this new webinar, AdStage’s JD Prater and Hanapin’s Cassie Oumedian will walk you through how to take your conversion to the next level and ways to track them all the way through the full funnel. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: The best way to map out your conversion journey How to analyze and fully understand the click to conversion window The importance of different types of conversions and how to earn them in different stages of the funnel Presented by: JD Prater Cassie Oumedian …

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  • Spike Your Conversion Rates with Competitor Data

    … conversion rates higher than you ever knew possible. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: How to monetize Ecommerce vs. lead gen competitor data What Auction insights reports teach you about your competition How competitor data can shorten the time to increase conversion rates When third party tools help find insights impossible to find manually Presented by: Jamie Smith Michael Knight …

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  • Hanapin Launches a New Site!

    … (formerly known as the Resource Library). The new library features a sidebar that makes it easy to toggle between types of resources and a much better filtering system to make it simpler to find the PPC topic you need. And one of the major changes you’ll find is the inclusion of upcoming live webinars, which will all now be hosted on our new…

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  • Our Favorite PPC Updates for 2017 [so far]

    … May 8, 2017 Every month, the PPC pros at Hanapin do a day of training that includes the newest updates and features our team needs to know. We know how hard it is to keep up with the consistent changes in the PPC world – even the most seasoned pros can miss things! In this new webinar, Hanapin experts, Alka Du Mont and Zach Bruner…

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  • How to Impress, Not Overwhelm, Your CMO with Analytics

    …. So how do you make your case in a clear and concise way, while blowing them away with impressive numbers? In this new live webinar, Jeffalytics’ own Jeff Sauer and Hanapin’s Kristin Vick will provide you with some quick and effective ways to weed out important numbers and present them impactfully to your CMO. You’ll get expert PPC tips like…

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  • 4 Vital Strategies to Boost Enrollment for your Online Education Programs

    … and quantity of your enrollments. Do you only have a limited amount of space? This webinar is still made for you. We’ll help you balance your budgeting and overcome the obstacle of dealing with that enrollment cap. In this new live webinar, Hanapin experts Jacob Brown and Tanner Schroeder will walk you through vital tips you need in order to optimize your…

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  • Best Practices and Upcoming Features in Bing Shopping

    … on everything from explaining what Bing Shopping is, to setting it up, to some effective optimizations that will give you the best results possible on the platform. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: What the benefits are to using Bing Shopping How Bing Shopping is different than Google Shopping What you can work on in the feed, in creative, and defensive strategies Presented by: Rachel Rogowin Shannon Glass Upcoming Webinars, Webinars Tweet This Article ♥Like Article URL:http://bit.ly/2o79GNO …

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  • Successfully Explain “What’s Going On” to your CMO in 10 Minutes

    … she has found to successfully answer the inevitable question of “What’s going on?”. You’ll get expert PPC tips like: How to take all of your information and break it down for your CMO How to explain what metrics are important during each stage of the funnel What information to weed out to save your CMO time Presented by: Jeff Allen Carrie Albright Upcoming Webinars, Webinars Tweet This Article ♥Like Article URL:http://bit.ly/2o74IAB …

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  • Drive Quality Conversions for Your Brand with Facebook Ads

    … March 27, 2017 Everybody is fighting to get in front of their audience on Facebook. Competition is fierce and catching the focus of your audience is not an easy task. What you need are ads that work successfully for YOUR brand – not a generic fix that looks decent, but doesn’t drive conversions and customers. In this new live webinar…

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  • Work Smarter! Analyze Data More Efficiently with Google Sheets

    … March 20, 2017 You know Excel like the back of your hand, but have you SEEN how you can do PPC in Google Sheets? With this awesome tool, you can take your PPC efficiency and accuracy to the next level. Sit back, relax and Learn how your team can benefit from using Google Sheets with shareable reports, dashboards, and more. In this webinar…

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  • New AdWords Features You Shouldn’t Ignore: 3 Experts Share Their Secrets

    … March 13, 2017 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. EST Many new AdWords features have been rolling out, including new ad extensions. Hanapin’s Associate Director of Search, Matt Umbro, will review these new extensions while showing you how to better integrate them with your text ads, and results you can expect. Presented by: Matt Umbro 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. EST…

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  • Ask Us Anything About Programmatic!

    … out. Submit your question below, before the question box closes on March 1st! If you want to hear the answers to your questions & others, REGISTER HERE to sign up for the full live webinar on March 9th. …

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