Usability & Conversion

    • Enhance online shopping with eCommerce filters

      Online shops rarely sell just a few products. If your shop has a few hundred or a thousand articles, it might help if you offered your customers a filtering option. You must do whatever you can to help your customer get to the desired product as soon as possible. Ecommerce filters can help you solve this problem.

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    • Grow your business with ratings and reviews

      Reviews or testimonials are mostly said to work on the basis of social proof. Social proof is a psychological process in which people copy the behavior of others, in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. A testimonial tells you that someone you can identify with has bought a product and loved it. That must mean the product is just the right thing for you as well.

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  • Turn your online customer into a brand ambassador

    … Right after an online purchase by a customer, an important marketing opportunity arises. At that moment, someone chose to buy a product on your website. Seize that moment! In this article, we’ll go over a number of things you can do to turn these online customers into brand ambassadors. Want to optimize your WooCommerce shop for local shopping…

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  • Ask Yoast: Links to PDF files

    … SEO, you need a good user experience. Learn about UX & Conversion! $ 19 - Buy this eBook now » More info » Risks of links to PDF files? Read the transcript of the video here: “There’s no real risk in terms of links to PDF files. But PDF files are generally just not as useful as web pages. They indeed have some disadvantages: you can’t have…

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  • Improve your small business SEO today

    … location’s name. If you really want to rank locally, try to include the city name in a way that makes sense. Add LocalBusiness schema, for instance via our local SEO plugin. And get some local links to your website. That will already help you a lot! No need to go overboard in specifying your niche. ‘Sports gear for teams that is easy to wash…

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  • Optimize product images for your online shop

    … you need to consider when adding product images to your online shop. For good SEO, you need a good user experience. Learn about UX & Conversion! Checkout $ 19 – Buy this eBook now » More info » Product images set a mood While I was (re)writing the article on the internal search for your online shop, I once again realized how big a role…

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  • eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide

    … Usability is an important part of holistic SEO. It influences bounce rate, time on page, and a lot more user-related things. These all have an effect on your website’s SEO. Optimizing usability is important for all sites, but even more for eCommerce sites. Apart from user-testing, you can optimize online shops by looking at best practices. See…

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  • Where do you want me to click?

    …. Now that should be the orange button on that homepage! Also, the banner “Shop Top Brands” is just a list of products and prices. The call to action on that banner should also be clear (“Shop NOW” or something like that).” It seems we all learned quite a lot about UX and conversion optimization, as the 2016 website really…

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  • DIY: Test your mobile site!

    … More than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices (fact). So if you are ignoring your mobile site, you might be missing out on half your audience. In this post, I’ll go over the way we check mobile sites in our website reviews. After this post, you’ll be able to check your mobile website yourself on key elements. Use your phone…

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  • 7 ways to increase sales by creating trust

    … are), people come from all over the land to their store to pick up purchases. There are more stories like that. Even if you don’t want people visiting your store or storage for that matter, I’d list your address. On checkout pages, this will increase trust a lot. 6. What happens after checkout? There’s this hesitation in almost all buying…

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  • Checkout page UX

    … The last step in an online buying process is always the checkout page; your website’s cash register. It consists of a number of steps that lead to a completion of a purchase. In this post, we’ll discuss the things you can improve, from the UX of your shopping cart to a thank you page. We’ll tell you how to make your visitor as comfortable…

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  • Shopping cart abandonment

    … leaving, it could give you some very useful insights. Baymard Institute has compiled 24 different studies and found that the average shopping cart abandonment is a whopping 68.63% (January 14, 2016). That’s a lot. It shows that you want to be sure you’ve looked at it from every possible angle. Want to learn how to improve the conversion on your…

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  • The importance of typography

    …. Typography of links The design of the links in your texts itself is important. Of course, backlinks are important for SEO. However, the design of the links is important for Usability. Make absolutely clear what’s a link and what isn’t. You can do so by picking a different color or by adding an underline. To emphasize the link you can easily…

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  • WordPress plugins and accessibility

    … everything you need to know about optimizing the usability of your site? Check out our UX & Conversion eBook » “Your plugin’s not perfect either” You were thinking just that, right? Our plugin isn’t perfect either, in terms of accessibility. But we have shown to you over the last years that we’re listening and we’re improving accessibility at a fast…

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  • The main accessibility checks

    … Accessibility checks help you optimize your website. For every visitor. By thinking about accessibility, you are actually thinking about your design, the use of textual and multimedia content, and the structure of your website. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has a list of accessibility checks for you. In this post, I will dive into the main…

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  • Basic SEO training: product page optimization

    … If you’re a webshop owner, you’d like your visitors to click that ‘Buy’ button on your product page. In our Basic SEO training we teach you how to optimize the usability and conversion of your product pages. In this Basic SEO training video fragment Thijs shows an example of a good product page and explains what’s so great about it. Can’t watch…

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  • Easy-to-use accessibility tools

    … wrong: we’re not doing everything right ourselves, but we try to improve the accessibility of our site and plugins as well. Last year, Rian Rietveld wrote an article on how to use a .screen-reader-text class to make your read more links more accessible. Go read. Implement. Want to learn everything you need to know about optimizing the usability…

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