The USENIX Association is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. It was founded in 1975 under the name "Unix Users Group," focusing primarily on the study and development of Unix and similar systems. In June 1977, a lawyer from AT&T Corporation informed the group that they could not use the word UNIX as it was a trademark of Western Electric (the manufacturing arm of AT&T until 1995), which led to the change of name to USENIX. It has since grown into a respected organization among practitioners, developers, and researchers of computer operating systems more generally. Since its founding, it has published a technical journal entitled ;login:.
Posts about Usenix
  • Internet Defense Prize: Seeking Security Ideas with Impact

    … to the security of the internet. Facebook will offer up to $300,000 USD in awards for 2015. We will work with USENIX, a leader in security research, to evaluate submissions and will award prizes to researchers who introduce the best new ideas along with working prototypes that promise real security gains. These funds will allow researchers to continue…

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  • Facebook Teams Up with USENIX to Award Internet Defense Prize

    …, "Static Detection of Second-Order Vulnerabilities in Web Applications." Facebook Security Engineering Manager John "Four" Flynn, who served on the award committee for the Internet Defense Prize, described the work by Dahse and Holz in a note on the Protect the Graph page: The researchers used static analysis to detect "second-order vulnerabilities…

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