User Behavior

  • How do people view search engine results pages?

    …, as in the example shown on the right below (this is from 2006) we can see that the first two or three results attract most attention, while results below four or five downwards attract less interest. Now the SERPs are different. We have more images to catch the eye in some results, as well as features like rich snippets, which stand in contrast…

    Graham Charlton/ Search Engine Watch- 23 readers -
  • CX versus UX: The Difference Between Customer and User

    … CX/UX – Only one letter different? Well, more than one letter, but there are a lot of similarities between Customer Experience and User Experience work. Professionals with either focus work to learn about people by doing research! The Similarities of Customer Experience and User Experience Customer and User Experience goals and process are often…

    Marketing Technology Blog- 25 readers -
  • Should You Change User Behavior on Your Landing Pages?

    … Many marketers believe that they are supposed to change a user’s behavior. According to the theory, an effective landing page will challenge a user’s existing behavior and attempt to get them to adopt a new behavior that involves a conversion action. Most landing pages are attempting to coerce a potential customer to get, do, buy, change…

    Jeremy Smith/ The Daily Egg- 27 readers -
  • The Surprising Secret to Higher Email Open Rates

    … and try all the features of your software. There are others who don’t catch up to the software and tools that easily. Tracking each visitor’s behavior and usage can help you segment them into separate lists. The power users can be sent advanced mailing, while the ones who are struggling can be helped with educational mails. You can further send…

    George Mathew/ The Daily Eggin EMail- 39 readers -
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