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User-generated content (UGC) refers to a variety of media content available in a range of modern communications technologies. UGC is often produced through Open collaboration: it is created by goal-oriented yet loosely coordinated participants, who interact to create a product (or service) of economic value, which they make available to contributors and non-contributors alike. The term entered mainstream usage during 2005, having arisen in web publishing and new media content production circles[citation needed].
Posts about User Generated Content
  • Infographic: How Boomers and Millennials Use UGC Differently

    … are forgotten again.) Boomers like branded content that focuses on the product, while millennials like branded content that focuses on experiences. Both demographics like photos, but boomers are more likely to prefer written content or video. And when boomers share content online, they’re going to Facebook instead of Instagram. Take a look at the full infographic below to see if you’re more like a boomer or a millennial. The post Infographic: How Boomers and Millennials Use UGC Differently appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

    Nicole Dieker/ The Content Strategistin How To's- 38 readers -
  • How HCSS used an interactive contest to increase web traffic 800% For complex B2B products and services, customers often overlook the intricacies and value of the entire process. For example, very few potential customers are familiar with the companies involved on a construction project, or the role that HCSS software plays in its success ...

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  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

    … Do you use Facebook for business? Looking for new ways to show off your products? You can do more than posting photos to your page to get more customers and prospects to see your products. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to increase the visibility of your products on Facebook. Discover five ways to use Facebook to promote your…

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  • 4 Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

    … and can help. If you’re looking for content engagement, include a snippet of the article you’re promoting and add a CTA such as “Click the link in our profile for the full article.” #2: Tap Into User-Generated Content and Storytelling REI’s Instagram profile is an example of a brand focusing on high-quality images and individual stories…

    Social Media Examiner- 23 readers -
  • 4 Ways to Include Fans in Your Social Media Activities

    …, in return they’ll give you interesting and original user-generated content (UGC) that you can use on your social pages, website, and advertising campaigns. It’s a win-win. Ask your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to submit their content under a catchy hashtag. This way, you get instant access to their submissions and can collect…

    Yoav Vilner/ Social Media Examinerin Social- 31 readers -
  • 4 Killer Ads Promoting User Generated Content And Why They Work

    … challenges like messy application — ultimately succeeding in selling the product because it gets an honest and whole-hearted thumbs up from a real person. By employing this user generated content, Memebox sells itself in an honest and natural way that isn’t a turn-off to audiences. Free eBook: The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising Learn best practices and strategies for crafting Instagram ad creative that generates leads and drives revenue. Download the Guide …

    Nanigansin Facebook- 24 readers -
  • Why You Should Invest In Content Curation

    … a brief comment in your brand’s voice.” So now that you know the value of content curation, how do you get started? Curated content comes in a number of shapes and sizes: User-generated content (UGC) – This is any form of content, including blogs, posts, Tweets, images, videos, or audio files that were created by users (and often posted via…

    Nate Birt/ Visual.lyin Content- 30 readers -
  • 5 Publishers That Know How To Rock User Generated Content

    … made a huge explosion in the digital marketing scene. Why? Because it helps you get noticed. What is user generated content? User generated content, or UGC, is any contribution to a site or campaign that an individual outside the company has created. Generally, such content tends to be in the form of pictures, designs, or videos; however the practice…

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  • Why Did Doritos End Its Successful Super Bowl Campaign?

    … After 10 years of clever animals trying to steal bags of chips and men using nachos to seduce women, Doritos is finally calling curtains on its annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. For both Doritos and the Super Bowl, it’s about time. Doritos announced it would put out one last call for submissions for amateur filmmakers to submit their own…

    Gabe Rosenberg/ The Content Strategist- 25 readers -
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