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The user interface, in the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. The goal of this interaction is effective operation and control of the machine on the user's end, and feedback from the machine, which aids the operator in making operational decisions. Examples of this broad concept of user interfaces include the interactive aspects of computer operating systems, hand tools, heavy machinery operator controls, and process controls. The design considerations applicable when creating user interfaces are related to or involve such disciplines as ergonomics and psychology.
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    • User Interface: Adding the Human Component to Website Design

      An interface will always be something between us as humans, and our final goal. We are not free of the "man in the middle." Depending on how the interface of a website is built, it can considerably delay the completion of the desired task, and ultimately frustrate the person using it. The good news is that this negative aspect of interfaces can be reduced, even eliminated if w ...

      ROI Factor Blog- 12 readers -
  • 5 Reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat

    …, which goes right into their direct messages. Slick. The Zuckerberg factor: Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is no dope. Although Facebook has become an advertiser’s dream with its laser-targeted ad network, the cool kids were starting to migrate to Instagram. He knew that once a tech brand loses “cool” there’s no use chasing…

    AllFacebookin Social Facebook Twitter- 16 readers -
  • 5 Lessons From A Website Update That Went Viral [Case Study]

    … Every now and then, a website update goes live, making competitors slap themselves on the forehead, saying, “Huh, I wish I’d done that!” Many of these sites, such as Netflix and Amazon, are out of reach of the average person in that they grow so rapidly that lots of investment, contacts and substantial infrastructure quickly become essential…

    The Daily Eggin Social- 7 readers -
  • The Rise of the Live-Demo Homepage

    … any details. In doing so GeoRiot removes, or at least delays, a barrier to entry. This has one very obvious advantage, and one that may not be so obvious: It demonstrates the power and ease of use of the software It improves the quality of leads That second point may need some elaboration. Often, potential users or customers will sign up…

    The Daily Eggin EMail- 1 readers -
  • ParseUI for iOS Works with New Screen Resolutions

    … and simplify user authentication, data list display, and other common app elements. You might be familiar with these components already, as they were previously packaged inside the main Parse iOS SDK. With this release, we’ve updated how they look and made them resolution-independent to ensure a polished presentation on any screen. Inside this release…

    David Cohen/ AllFacebookin Facebook- 19 readers -
  • This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 11

    Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! We have some great articles for you this week including: Bing Ads Offers New Bulk Editing Tools; Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content; Call out what matters most to your customers; How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money; and 12 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers [Infographic].

    Emily Ramsey/ Rise to the Top- 9 readers -
  • Little-Known Form Facts that can Increase Conversion Rates

    …, but their contact forms in the evening. During and after lunch is the best time for donations and event registrations, and contests get the most submissions during the midday work slump and after dinner. Who would have guessed? Form Logic = Smart Thinking So-called “smart forms” use a prospect’s actions to determine what fields come next, and when…

    Sherice Jacob/ The Daily Egg- 12 readers -
  • The User Interface: How to Create a Buying Environment on Your Website

    …, and it allows direct payment through their system rather than using credit cards. Tip – Consider putting credit card logos on your front page, telling your visitors what card types you accept before they invest time on your site. Summary Environmental factors cannot be ignored when optimizing your website’s user interface for conversion. Visitors demand…

    The Daily Egg- 5 readers -
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