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  • Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media

    …, the same platform that encouraged them to take a legal route will turn back to hurt their case. This is the situation with a plaintiff in the Largent vs. Reed injury lawsuit case, in which she claimed that a motorcycle accident left her with severe physical and mental pain. After the defendant established that there were pictures of the plaintiff…

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  • YouTube Gives Video Creators More Control Over Comments

    … YouTube introduced a handful of features aimed at giving video creators more control over the comments on their channels. Product manager Courtney Lessard wrote in a blog post that the following three features have rolled out: Pinned comments: Video creators can promote specific comments by pinning them to the top of their feeds, enabling…

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  • Twitter Responds to Reports of Leaked Passwords

    … Twitter responded to widespread reports of security breaches and leaked passwords with a blog post by trust and information security officer Michael Coates. Coates wrote that Twitter investigated recent claims of user names and passwords for sale, and it found that the information was not obtained by hacking its servers: The purported Twitter…

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  • What’s Next for Our Weak But Resilient Password System? (Report)

    … in the last 12 months. Additionally, 35 percent of millennials have had accounts compromised, which is a direct reflection of their low participation rates in best practices; about one-half only use two to four unique passwords across multiple accounts. The user name/password system is also causing users to disengage from services entirely. 32 percent…

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  • Periscope Launches Sketching, Improved Viewer Stats for Streams

    … that displays how the live viewer count changed over the course of a broadcast. The graph also marks the time when a stream received its peak viewership. Finally, this update introduces the ability for users to edit their user name within the app. Users can also now turn off video stabilization, which Periscope said may “darken broadcasts in low light…

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  • How to Maximize Facebook Lead Ads

    … Facebook opened up its Lead Ads to all advertisers last October, and Facebook for Business provided some tips this week on how brands can best utilize them. Lead ads allow brands to auto-populate forms being filled out by users—for purposes including events, newsletters, offers or requests for further information—with details those users have…

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  • F8 2016: Bots for the Messenger Platform Are Here

    … containing multiple calls-to-action. Developers can also set a welcome screen for their threads to set context, as well as different controls. And in addition to the tools Marcus announced last week—user names, Messenger Links, Messenger Codes and Messenger Greetings–he revealed Tuesday that ads in Facebook’s News Feed will enable users to open…

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  • Atmospheir Relaunches Contact Management App on iPhone

    … Atmospheir announced the redesign and relaunch of its contact management application on iPhone. Atmospheir combines its address book functionality with in-app communication tools, with the goal of automatically keeping track of each user’s changing information and social media profiles. The app allows users to create user names and separate…

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