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  • Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media

    … Every good thing comes with its downside. This is the case for social media in legal issues. When aggrieved victims share their stories of woe on social media, other users will often cheer them to take the matters to court, where they would get justice and possibly a windfall from the case. However, with the unbridled use of social media…

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  • YouTube Gives Video Creators More Control Over Comments

    … them to highlight positive engagement or share information. Creator hearts: Video creators can now award hearts to their favorite comments. Creator user names: When video creators comment on their own channels, their user names will appear, surrounded by “a pop of color,” under the next of their comments. Verification checkmarks will appear next…

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  • Users Testy Over Twitter Test of Removing Handles From Replies

    … are currently testing one of these changes, so that in replies, user names at the beginning of a tweet no longer count toward a tweet’s 140 characters. These tests may temporarily impact the way a tweet appears, but tweets will continue to be 140 characters. These changes will be available in the coming months to everyone, and you can read more about them…

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  • Twitter Responds to Reports of Leaked Passwords

    … Twitter responded to widespread reports of security breaches and leaked passwords with a blog post by trust and information security officer Michael Coates. Coates wrote that Twitter investigated recent claims of user names and passwords for sale, and it found that the information was not obtained by hacking its servers: The purported Twitter…

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  • What’s Next for Our Weak But Resilient Password System? (Report)

    … in the last 12 months. Additionally, 35 percent of millennials have had accounts compromised, which is a direct reflection of their low participation rates in best practices; about one-half only use two to four unique passwords across multiple accounts. The user name/password system is also causing users to disengage from services entirely. 32 percent…

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  • How to Maximize Facebook Lead Ads

    … in the Ads Create Tool. Far more details on Facebook’s Lead Ads tips are available here, and highlights follow: When choosing between automatic bidding and manual bidding, advertisers that have determined how much each lead is worth to them should opt for manual bidding and bid no less than that true value. Advertisers should add the Facebook pixel…

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