User Retention

  • Know Everything You Have to About User Retention

    … A user-seller relationship is more than a business transaction. In order to keep a business stable and going, you need the loyalty of your users more than their initial introduction to your product. In short, you need to prioritize user retention. How Do You Crack the User Retention Code? After all, loyal users are satisfied and happy users…

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  • Localytics: 63% of Users Stop Using Apps Within First Month

    … Mobile engagement platform Localytics released new data revealing the average user retention and user churn rates in mobile applications. In this report, average retention is the percentage of users who were still engaged with apps one month, two months and three months after they initially downloaded them. Average churn, meanwhile…

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  • Twitter vs. Snapchat

    … better because of a number of key differences. Twitter definitely has the more established revenue models. However it is having trouble with user retention and growth. Approachability is a problem for Twitter, and even CEO Jack Dorsey admits that the network can be “confusing.” Twitter also seems to be struggling with the character limit that made…

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  • Unity: 71% of Players Prefer Watching Video Ads to ‘Pay’ for In-Game Content

    …, including full-screen picture ads, banner ads and interstitial video ads. In addition, 78 percent of players said they are open to engaging with rewarded video ads. The report found 62 percent of developers saw user retention climb or stabilize after introducing rewarded video ads to their game. In addition, 86 percent of developers said…

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