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    • Compelling UX Design: Who’s Doing it Right

      Every website is unique in that it exists to serve a specific audience of users. If it’s been created thoughtfully, it will be designed around meeting the needs of those users and helping them accomplish their tasks or goals with ease. Still, there’s much to be learned from the UX innovations of other companies.

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  • The Road To Conversion: Defining User Pathways In The Education Space

    … As part of our digital strategy process, we always spend time developing user personas. User personas -- essentially profiles of the different types of users who will engage with a website -- help us determine how to organize content and how to speak to key benefits and differentiating factors of services or products. There are few instances…

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  • 2017 Web Design and User Experience Trends

    …. That’s more customers, clients or leads in your pocket, which is a great way to ring in the New Year. Web Design and UX/UI Trends Age-Responsive Design – different age groups will react differently with different content, layout and aesthetic choices. Skeleton Screens – loading a page in stages, from simple to complex so that customers can…

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  • 2017 Web Design and User Experience Trends

    … We really did enjoy our previous layout on the MarTech blog but knew that it appeared a bit aged. While it was functional, it just didn’t acquire new visitors as it once did. I believe people arrived at the site, thought it was a bit behind on its design – and they made the assumption that the content might be as well. Simply put, we had an ugly…

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  • 5 Ways to Use Conversion Rate Optimization for Validating UX

    … of creative ideas. But how can you communicate them to your team members concerning their financial impact? Yes, however challenging it seems you need to communicate the outcome of your UX ideas in clear numbers. This is the crudest as well as the surest way get your UX idea validated. Designers tend to think about the UX elements from visual…

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  • UX Design Trends: How to Create A Website That Performs

    …. That being said, some of these trends stick around for a while because of the universal appeal that they have for any business. Creating a website that performs takes diligent effort and close attention to user-experience from start to finish. Consider some of our favorite UX guidelines when you’re getting ready to launch your next web design project…

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  • 73% of marketers believe UX in mobile advertising needs to be improved

    … Digital advertising is experiencing a shift towards a mobile and multiscreen world, and despite all the available opportunities, user experience is not always satisfactory. Interactive Advertising Bureau, Kargo and Refinery29 conducted a survey among 283 marketers and media agency executives, discussing how the advertising experience can…

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  • Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry

    …When the giants put away their swords and start forming alliances, we know BIG NEWS is stirring up. Such is the charm of the internet world, and we simply can’t get enough of it. Happy Friday Everybody! And welcome to … Continue reading → (Read more...) The post Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry appeared first on - Promodo Blog. …

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  • 5 Lessons From A Website Update That Went Viral [Case Study]

    … Every now and then, a website update goes live, making competitors slap themselves on the forehead, saying, “Huh, I wish I’d done that!” Many of these sites, such as Netflix and Amazon, are out of reach of the average person in that they grow so rapidly that lots of investment, contacts and substantial infrastructure quickly become essential…

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  • The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube Set to Launch Music Service

    …The fiery hands of summer have been holding on to us and just can’t seem to let go. After making the most of the sand and sun, we’re stuck here contemplating what to do with the sunburns and sweat that … Continue reading → (Read more...) The post The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube Set to Launch Music Service appeared first on - Promodo Blog…

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