Valleywag is a Gawker Media blog with gossip and news about Silicon Valley personalities. It was initially launched under the direction of editor Nick Douglas in February 2006. After Douglas was fired, the blog was taken over by Owen Thomas. Thomas himself left in May 2009, to be replaced by Ryan Tate. It was the first to break some stories, such as the leaking of a Gene Simmons sex tape. However, it has been criticized for broadcasting unsubstantiated and damaging gossip about people who are not in the public eye, such as a college intern who falsely called in sick to work and had it publicized across the Internet by Valleywag.
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  • The Top 10 Brand Editors of 2014

    … writing the second season of HBO’s Silicon Valley. In 2015, the former Newsweek tech editor will be taking over as editor of Valleywag, Gawker Media’s controversial tech gossip site. It’s a clichéd buzzword, but “disrupt” is what comes to mind when you think of what Lyons has accomplished in the ever-evolving media business. Jay Moye — Senior Writer…

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  • GamerGate presents brands with touch choices

    … several other advertisers which have been inundated with requests that they, too, cease advertising with Gawker, and would like to distance themselves from the controversy. Today, Gawker said that Biddle would be taking a monthlong “sabbatical” while he move from his Valleywag co-editor job to a senior writer role at Gawker. That brands…

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  • One man’s war on digital media’s ‘thinkfluencer’ echo chamber

    In real life, Rurik Bradbury is a mild-mannered Englishman who bears a startling physical resemblance to Edward Snowden. His low-key disposition couldn’t be any further from his Twitter persona, however. On Twitter, Bradbury shines as the bloviating beer-guzzling blowhard @ProfJeffJarvis, an account dedicated to parodying “thinkfluencers” like the real-life media pundit Jeff Jarvis.

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