• What is the ROI of a Loyal Customer?

    … of mind within organizations – and their customers are seeing amazing results already. In B2B SaaS, customer retention is critical. We’re seeing more and more companies miss growth opportunities by focusing solely on acquisition and not on experience, loyalty, and retention. Acquisition costs are continuing to rise in many industries as digital…

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  • #012: 3 Quick Do’s and Don’ts About Branding

    … to this Podcast 5 Simple Ways to Generate Leads From Your Blog (Episode #002) Register for the Webcast: The Easiest Way to Brand Yourself & Develop Authority and Trust Online I’d love to hear from you… What was your biggest takeaway today? What is one of your favorite do’s or don’ts when it comes to branding? Please leave your questions and comments about this episode below. …

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  • Not Enough Agencies Tell Prospects to Take a Walk

    … One of my surprises in launching our agency 7 years ago was that I figured out the agency industry built more on relationships than it is the value of the services. I’d even go so far as to say it’s also largely contingent on benefits of the relationship as well. Has your client trusted you and have you been working with them for years? Well…

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  • How High Should Your Conversion Rate Be?

    … and how that translate into actual value for your business. What About Opt-In Conversion Rates & Thrive Leads!?​ If you know my products, then you might be shouting "hypocrisy!" at this point. After all, one of my flagship products - Thrive Leads - is all about building your mailing list. One of the big features in Thrive Leads is that you can A/B…

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  • How Can I Make Money From My Blog? Discover the Unconventional Answer

    … talk around the topics of blogging and passive income.​ More... What No One Tells You About Blogging Watch the video above to see "behind the curtain" of the biggest misconception about blogging. Does that Mean Passive Income Doesn't Exist? It may sound like I'm saying that a value based business is the only possible way to make money, but that's…

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  • #001: How To Develop a Deep Connection With Your Audience

    … What type of value you can deliver to your audience to build a loyal tribe of followers Some other tips that will help you greatly when it comes to connecting with your audience. Items mentioned in this episode include: PDF Outline of Today’s Episode Have a question or a podcast episode request? Leave them here. I want to hear from you! Which of these concepts have you applied in your business? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!…

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