Value Proposition

  • Micro-yes(s) vs. micro-moments

    …In this article, we dive into ideas for using the micro-yes methodology to better serve customers and increase conversion on all your customers’ micro-moments, while improving your overall inbound marketing approach…

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  • Marketing 101: What is big rock content?

    …I had three hours to kill before my next flight to Dallas departed. While sitting in an airport café warming my hands around a mocha, I overheard snippets of an intense conversation in the booth behind me. “It’s all about your big rocks. They are the most important. What are your big rocks…

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  • How to drive conversion using a value proposition-focused testing strategy in email marketing

    …Value proposition is the maximized, optimized force of the perceived value that you are offering to potential customers. Many marketers, however, leave it on the website and forget about it in email. We’re busy testing this subject line or that, without any real strategy in mind. A peer example in this blog post will show examples of how to formulate a testing strategy for every element of email marketing, giving you an advantage over the competition and driving conversion.…

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  • Five questions to ask to understand customer motivation

    …Understanding customer motivation can provide a solid base for your marketing that allows you to be one step ahead throughout the entire buyer’s journey. By asking yourself these five questions, you can get to the bottom of what is driving your customers to purchase — and why they might be falling off…

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  • Capturing supermarket magic and providing the ideal customer experience

    Reading Time: 6 minutes The customer-centric focus Over the past few years, one message has been gaining momentum within the marketing world: customer experience is king. “Customer experience” (CX) refers to your customer’s perception of her relationship with your brand—both conscious and subconscious—based on every interaction she has with your brand during her customer life cycle.

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  • How to get evergreen results from your landing page optimization

    …! But, there comes a time in every optimizer’s life, when they face the cruel reality of diminishing returns. You’ve tested your landing page hero image. You’ve tested your value proposition. You’ve tested your form placement. And now, you’ve hit a plateau. So, what next? What’s beyond the tips and guides? What is beyond the optimization basics? 1…

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  • Three Questions to Align Your Strategy, Marketing and Sales

    … and for sales. Again, I think there’re huge areas for improvement in all three of those topics. You might also like: Any Value Proposition Hinges on the Answer to One Question [From the Harvard Business Review] Putting Sales at the Center of Strategy [From the Harvard Business Review] Sales-Marketing Alignment: 8 tactics from a marketer who has…

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  • 2016 is the year to improve marketing

    … I believe marketing needs to dramatically improve this year. Know customers including terminology. Measure results. Stop selling and be helpful. There are way too many car commercials on TV today. Do they sell any cars? I would go online and research cars based on my needs. Family, job situation, etc. Time to improve marketing, plain and simple. Thoughts? Love your comments. Filed under: BtoB Marketing, Management best practices, Marketing, sales-ready leads, Social Networks, value proposition…

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