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  • How to get evergreen results from your landing page optimization

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Landing page optimization is old news. Seriously. A quick google will show you that Unbounce, QuickSprout, Moz, Qualaroo, Hubspot, Wordstream, Optimizely, CrazyEgg, VWO (and countless others), have been writing tips and guides on how to optimize your landing pages for years. Not to mention the several posts we have already published on the WiderFunnel blog since 2008.

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  • Three Questions to Align Your Strategy, Marketing and Sales

    … and for sales. Again, I think there’re huge areas for improvement in all three of those topics. You might also like: Any Value Proposition Hinges on the Answer to One Question [From the Harvard Business Review] Putting Sales at the Center of Strategy [From the Harvard Business Review] Sales-Marketing Alignment: 8 tactics from a marketer who has…

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  • 2016 is the year to improve marketing

    … I believe marketing needs to dramatically improve this year. Know customers including terminology. Measure results. Stop selling and be helpful. There are way too many car commercials on TV today. Do they sell any cars? I would go online and research cars based on my needs. Family, job situation, etc. Time to improve marketing, plain and simple. Thoughts? Love your comments. Filed under: BtoB Marketing, Management best practices, Marketing, sales-ready leads, Social Networks, value proposition…

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  • “Quick and Easy” is not a Value Proposition [PODCAST]

    … At the outset, your form may seem quick and easy. Everyone should know the answers to easy questions like name, email address, and birthdate. Furthermore, these are questions that everyone asks online. People should expect to answer these questions. Yes, we know the answers. Yes, we’ve given this information up before. But, don’t call it […] The post “Quick and Easy” is not a Value Proposition [PODCAST] appeared first on Conversion Sciences. …

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  • Small changes, big LIFT

    … your value proposition – AKA what makes your users tick? (Trust us, they want to tell you). Value proposition tests can often entail just a few carefully-selected, yet highly impactful words. Taglines, for example, are great value proposition target area to test. Are taglines important? For another client, we created an experiment that added…

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  • How a Roll of Sushi Changed My View on Marketing

    … As a marketer, sushi really fascinates me. I do enjoy a good sushi roll, but I am by no means a “sushi connoisseur.” However, the fact that I have meet so many of them really intrigues me. How can so many people be so passionate about the rolling up of raw fish and rice? I was recently visiting a friend, and he began to pontificate about…

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  • Try Before You Buy: How Content Promotion Is Like Sampling at the Grocery

    …. Here are a few of the types of samples that marketers currently offer their audience: Landing pages are the most common types of samples. When a person is determining if submitting the form is worth their time, they rely on the copy and major value propositions. Email promotions are another common form of content sampling; again, they provide short…

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  • How To Build A Landing Page From Scratch

    … the action takes place, and consequently, they are the moneymakers — the pages you are willing to invest in. There are a 1,001 variations of these pages, but at the end of the day, every landing page consists of three thing: a value proposition a CTA some form of visual media That’s pretty much it. The companies selling you these templates have the data…

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Target Your Marketing: Target marketing fails

    … Targeted marketing, or the practice of aiming marketing collateral at specific prospects or customers, has become so prolific that it is one of the largest tools in the modern marketer’s toolkit. In fact, the U.S. Small Business Administration lists targeted marketing as the third step in marketing implementation. Imagine yourself attending…

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  • Understand This BEFORE You Start Your Business

    … customers from your competitors. Starter’s Guide In order to discover whether your product can find it’s market fit, you have to get out there and engage with potential customers. You have to get the ball rolling in order to have any chance at building traction. Here’s a starter guide to getting that ball rolling. 1. Define your value proposition…

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  • How To Put The UNIQUE In Your Unique Value Proposition

    … According to ConversionXL, value proposition is the #1 factor influencing whether a visitor to your website will “peace out” or continue reading. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal. When visitors reach your homepage, you have only a few seconds to catch their attention. This requires you to be something they haven’t seen 100 times before…

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  • 5 Tips to Craft a Better Value Proposition

    … Value propositions are everywhere—some good, some bad. Essentially a value proposition is your statement of what your company does best. But a lot of people have trouble communicating that in an easy-to-understand manner. Let’s imagine that you explain what you do simply and concisely. Clarity alone doesn’t cut the deal. Does your value…

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