VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) is a VESA standard, currently at version 3, that defines the interface that can be used by software to access compliant video boards at high resolutions and bit depths. This is opposed to the "traditional" int 10h BIOS calls, which are limited to resolutions of 640×480 pixels with 16 color (4-bit) depth or less. VBE is made available through the video card's BIOS, which installs during boot up some interrupt vectors that point to itself.Most newer cards implement the more capable VBE 3.0 standard. Older versions of VBE provide only a real mode interface, which cannot be used without a significant performance penalty from within protected mode operating systems.
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    … in the “Cells.(“ section. As you can see above, the value in 4.1 is in row 7, column 6 of the spreadsheet. The corresponding cell with the colour I want is in row 7, column 11. However, the line of code “[SourceRange].Cells(cll.row – 6, cll.Column – 5).Interior.Color” tells Excel to count the rows and columns within the range, so the top left cell is row 1…

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