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    • Celtra AdCreator: Digital Display and Video Advertising CMP

      AdCreator is built with over 50 advanced drag and drop components and more than 200 pre-tested, customizable features for ad creation. Built-in templates speed up design, development, and ensure consistency, including Store Locator, Inline Video Player, Galleries, Social Sharing and more. All components and features of AdCreator are tested across devices, operating systems, and environments.

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    • How to Write Exciting Text for Your Video Ads

      Video ads have grown in popularity especially on Google. Although it allows you to do different things, Google is primarily an advertising company. Research shows that at least 97% of its total revenues are from its ads. Recently, we found out that Google Search displays a shocking number of 6 billion ads in a day! What does this mean? Well, as a blogger or advertiser, you’ll ... 9 readers -
  • Life Event Targeting Now Available To All AdWords Advertisers

    … Life Event targeting, released earlier this year, is now available to all AdWords advertisers! In case you haven’t heard about it, life event targeting allows you to target users around major life events. The life events include graduating college, moving, and getting married. With the targeting, you can pinpoint users before or after the event…

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  • Are My YouTube Ad Campaigns Successful?

    … channel, or shares videos with other users, you don’t pay for these additional actions. These are the “Earned actions.” You may find out viewers are not directly going to your website and converting after seeing your video ad. What you may find out, however, is your video ads sparked a curiosity within the viewers. Enough so that they wanted…

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  • Making The Case For A Video First Facebook Strategy

    …. Feed Features include: Vertical Video in news and Instagram feed Auto expand in news feed Sound on in news feed New Ad Experiences include: Instream on the Audience Network Instream on Facebook Story Ads on Instragram Collection on Facebook Creative Considerations In The Video First World The biggest change we want to highlight…

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  • 3 Essential Advertising Strategies for Merry Mobile Holiday Shopping

    … mobile holiday shopping season. 1. Video As audiences increasingly rely on mobile devices, some ad units are better suited for reaching them on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Video ads in particular are ideal for catching the eyes of mobile users. In fact, a study from Facebook found that 30% of mobile shoppers say video…

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  • A New Perspective For YouTube Advertising

    … and others have contributed to making YouTube the second largest search engine and 3rd largest site on the Internet. As Diane Chelius discussed last week, 79% of a user’s time online is spent outside of Search. Diane’s insights into in How to Utilize PPC Brand Building Strategies centered on getting the most out of Display Advertising. Video…

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  • Clipcentric: Rich Media and Video Ad Creative Management

    … include in-banner, expandable, floating, and wallpaper ads built for mobile, tablet, desktop, in-app, HTML5 and video platforms. Clipcentric removes the cost and complexity barriers typically associated with rich media and video advertising production, allowing our clients to quickly produce dynamic and compelling rich display advertisements…

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  • 4 Brands Getting in the Summer Spirit with Facebook and Instagram Ads

    … As the weather warms up, and spring changes to summer, social media users are preparing to stock up on products for the new season. Retailers advertising on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can get in the spirit of the season in order to drives clicks and sales. When it comes to seasonal advertising, your competitors are already…

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  • 4 Retail Brands Driving Sales With Eye-Catching Social Video Ads

    … This article originally appeared on IBM’s THINK Marketing blog. Retailer marketers are no strangers to the impactful power of social video ads. This highly visual ad unit is the perfect medium for showing off products in a mobile-friendly, engaging way. In fact, Nanigans advertisers in the Americas increased mobile video ad spend 20% quarter…

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  • Facebook Mid-Roll Ads Might Need A Re-Roll?

    …, this is a valid fear. The question I pose isn’t if video ads should be used, but rather, is 20 seconds the correct start time for an ad? If I am judging off similar video ad platforms and my own preferences, it may cause more users to abandon the content they were trying to watch in the first place. Mid-Roll Ad about to start – The Dodo…

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  • Facebook Now Offering Mid-Roll Ads for Advertisers

    … content on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. We see a trend of video content being consumed at a rate much faster than any text, or images that are shared. We all know that Facebook has been working to keep themselves on a competitive level for Social and Search advertising, and recently Facebook began testing “mid-roll” ads…

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