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Videoconferencing is the conduct of a videoconference (also known as a video conference or videoteleconference) by a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. It has also been called 'visual collaboration' and is a type of groupware.Videoconferencing differs from videophone calls in that it's designed to serve a conference or multiple locations rather than individuals. It is an intermediate form of videotelephony, first used commercially in Germany during the late-1930s and later in the United States during the early 1970s as part of AT&T's development of Picturephone technology.
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  • How to Improve Engagement at Your Next Conference

    … remote meetings with the home office, and 360-degree video for both live and recorded activity that can be accessed later. Activities like concerts, dancing, photo booths, nostalgic arcade games are ways to provide some additional fun for your attendees. The research displayed also shared gift trends, food and beverage trends, and entertainment…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 11 readers -
  • What is Weak Conferencing Costing You?

    … with our collaborative technology sponsor ReadyTalk to develop an interactive calculator that will show you exactly how much you’re spending and what weak conferencing is costing you. For even more goodies, check out their amazing resource library. Try out ReadyTalk’s Weak Conferencing calculator by clicking the link below, and start fixing your meetings now! Use Weak Conferencing Calculator Disclosure: ReadyTalk is a client of DK New Media! © 2014 DK New Media. …

    Jenn Lisak/ Marketing Technology Blog- 18 readers -
  • 8 Mobile Landing Pages Get Spanked for Conversion’s Sake

    … my company. That’s the real UVP, and it should be right up at the top (or at least above the fold on mobile). 2. Kontiki Click for full-length view of landing page. This landing page from Kontiki (an online video conferencing tool) is well-designed, simple and has a somewhat compelling UVP: “Unlimited webcasting for cheap.” Still, there’s room…

    Unbouncein Social Display- 11 readers -
  • Easy Online Meetings with Video Conferencing

    … to start holding your meetings using online video conferences. Cloud-based mobile video conferencing is an easy to use system that will solve your scheduling problems and save you money. It’s all about the bottom line Today’s remote workforce is increasing in numbers. That means more and more of your employees will be working remotely from…

    Dana Davis/ Growmap- 25 readers -
  • What Most Smart Marketers Miss About Google+

    … other social media networks can’t make. Google Hangouts provide for video conferencing with up to 10 people to make connections. Hangouts make business social and experiential in a very personal way. Social media maven B.L. Ochman raves, “Hangouts are arguably the best video conferencing platform ever created, and they’re free!” Take heed…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Social Google Facebook Twitter YouTube- 15 readers -
  • Google’s Telepresence Patent

    … human interface. During the second decade we will work ‘to make the instruments rugged, reliable, and natural. Telepresence, By Marvin Minsky, OMNI magazine, June 1980 The following video is from someone other than Google, but it shows off how a telepresence device might work for a daily commute between Austin, Texas and Manhattan, New York…

    Bill Slawski/ SEO by the Seain Google- 17 readers -
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  • Google’s Telepresence Patent

    … Austin, Texas and Manhattan, New York. Google was granted a patent on October 15th that describes the use of telepresence devices, and it gives them a slightly different look than the Double in the Video above. Actually, they look more like this: I first saw mention of Telepresence Devices at Google a couple of years ago in the paper Telepresence…

    Bill Slawski/ SEO by the Seain Google- 15 readers -
  • Google+ Says It’s Thriving But Refuses To Give User Figures

    … Google+ is alive and thriving, says Google’s head of social David Besbris, serving a devoted base of users who love the emphasis on privacy, the top-notch photo tools and the state-of-the-art multi-party video conferencing. Besbris, in an interview published today by Re/code, said hundreds of millions of people are using the Google+ mobile app…

    Martin Beck/ Marketing Landin Social Google- 12 readers -
  • Guide to Getting Over Your Shyness about Video Conferencing

    … Do you dread going on camera for business video conferences? Use these tips to feel prepared and confident. With businesses increasing their productivity through using video conferencing, it is essential to learn to act professionally when you are on video – especially if you are being recorded. Here are some tips to increase your confidence…

    Gail Gardner/ Growmap- 26 readers -
  • Increase Productivity for Your Business Through Video Conferencing

    … Traveling isn’t what it used to be. Getting through security takes much longer and is far less agreeable. While you may still want to meet in person face-to-face sometimes, video conferencing technology has improved enough that today you can see each other without being in the same location. How Can Video Conferencing Help Your Business? Using…

    Gail Gardner/ Growmap- 20 readers -
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