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  • YouTube and the Frustration with Curated Video Content

    … I am starting to wonder if YouTube needs more help managing its content - because such a large catalog with an incredible amount of individuality and variety really needs a personal touch. While some of that is taken care of by a variety of creators in each niche, perhaps it is time that the front page algorithms undergo a significant change…

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  • How-to Discover Trending Videos: 6 Ways to Search Social Media Like a Pro

    Social media is becoming an increasingly popular place to discover video content. Brands are taking notice and embracing the power of social video and the ease of sharing video content on social platforms other than YouTube. However, with the sheer amount of noise on social media, it's becoming much more difficult to break through the clutter and make sure your videos get in ...

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  • Google’s New ‘Play Store’ Design is More Video Friendly Than Ever

    … on the conversion of the the visitors of the app page on the store. For instance, , a cool video discovery app, made two different videos and released them at the same time. They used one of them on their Google Play page. The video that was listed on Google Play reached 161k views while the other one reached only. I really a believe it's only a matter…

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