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  • New Video Platforms Mean New Opportunities: Welcome to the Video Reblog!

    … type of video format – the video reblog. In the same way that Tumblr brought reblogging to the text and photo world, now anyone can create a quick and high quality video around virtually any topic of interest. What’s the breakthrough here? There are three: First, these platforms make it amazingly easy to snag any web story and turn it into a decent…

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  • Free Video Editing Software: YouTube’s Video Editor Does The Basics

    … When it comes to making videos, one of the most frequent questions I get is, "what video editing software do you use?". These days I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud - I signed up under a special deal and for about $30 a month which gives me access to the entire Adobe library as I need it. If you consider yourself a professional or even…

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  • Small Business Week: Using Video to Boost Sales and Marketing

    … are over with services like Animoto that not only help you create the video but also guide you through what to do with the video once it's created. In minutes, you can now turn out a video that looks like a professional video editor did it for you. Leave the pots and pans in the kitchen and start adding video to your marketing strategy today - unless…

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