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  • New Video Platforms Mean New Opportunities: Welcome to the Video Reblog!

    … video production is mostly still in the dark ages. It’s the bastion of specialized workers – one of the last true priesthoods in media. Many of us are still making video exactly the same way – and with the same roles – as we did 20 years ago. Talent, writer, editor, producer – and for live production and expanded narrative, director, teleprompter…

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  • Free Video Editing Software: YouTube’s Video Editor Does The Basics

    … an amateur, this is the way to go. But what if you don't have the extra cash for the cloud membership? There are a few options I'd recommend for anyone editing on a budget. Let's start with YouTube's Video Editor. YouTube Video Editor If you're making video for YouTube, and let's be honest here, if you're making content online you should be posting…

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  • Small Business Week: Using Video to Boost Sales and Marketing

    … and small business owners. Thanks, Jordan, I owe you one. Jordan was also able to arrange - on short notice - an interview with Brad Jefferson, the CEO and co-founder of , who took time away from making the company's latest epic video, , to talk with a former ink-stained wretch and ReelSEO contributor about Small Business Week and small businesses…

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