Video Interviews

  • How to Get Started with Video Content Marketing (Without a Blockbuster Budget)

    Back in my day, all online content was text-based. If you had two animated .GIFs on a website, you had to wait 30 seconds for the site to load. Four .jpgs on a site would crash your browser. We were grateful when posts were just words! We didn’t whine about “visual stimulation” or “content variety” back then, let me tell you.

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  • 3 Great Tips for Producing Excellent Video Interviews [Creator's Tip #151]

    A great way to establish some credibility for your YouTube channel, get some easy video content, and boost your video marketing efforts is to interview others in your industry. But what should you interview them about? How should you reach out and setup the interview in the first place? Bryan Elliott has been interviewing influencers on his show, "Behind The Brand," and shares s ...

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