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  • The Significant Seven Social Video Platforms of 2017

    … billion logged-in viewers visit YouTube every single month. And I’ve also mentioned that, on average, YouTube viewers spend over an hour a day watching videos on mobile devices alone. But, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, made five other announcements during her keynote conversation with Rhett & Link. They included: Making it a whole lot easier…

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  • Top Media Publishers Drive 86% Growth in Video Views on Facebook

    …, and that video uploads from the top 2000 media companies had increased by 109% over the same time period. Top 2000 Creators Publishing to Facebook Video – 2017 Views Compared to 2016 (All Data via Tubular) The report also found that the top 1% of media publishers uploading video content to Facebook are averaging 230M views a month, compared…

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  • Destruction Content Is Blowing Up on YouTube

    … In the spring of 2016, Reddit users lost their minds over one YouTube channel in particular and directly contributed to its massive growth. How massive? Well, within 30 days, the lucky Finnish-based Hydraulic Press Channel, which specializes in destruction content AKA as squishing just about anything with (unsurprisingly) a powerful hydraulic…

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  • VidCon Europe 2017: 15 Takeaways for the Online Video Industry

    …, especially people who are used to consuming content in the ‘old way’, there is confusion. They see that Bill O’Reilly just got a bunch of his ads pulled off TV, and if that’s an advertiser’s job – to decide whether or not they want to endorse the content that they’re appearing next to – then that’s a problem for programmatic advertising. But programmatic…

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  • Here’s Why National Geographic Rules Social Video

    … synonymous with powerful storytelling, incredible photography, and compelling messages. And now in the digital age, NatGeo has expanded its media empire even further, boasting over 140 million followers across all its social media accounts. The brand has also morphed into a dominating online video publisher on platforms like Instagram…

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  • How Luxury Brands Perform Differently When it Comes to Online Video [Report]

    The explosion of social video has brought unprecedented opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, and raise awareness for their products or services. Many brands have fully embraced this opportunity, and are seeing extraordinary engagement from a multi-platform video strategy, but there are some verticals that have been a little more cautious when it comes to being social.

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  • State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]

    … on April 26, 2017 at 9:30 am PST (4:30 pm GMT) and get the latest trends and insights affecting online video in the first quarter of 2017, and what’s ahead through the first half of this year. Click HERE to register for the webinar today Keep Up-to-date With Online Video Trends There were 7.2 Trillion cross-platform video views between March 2016…

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  • What Will the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB Do Now That Vine Has Gone?

    … Okay, so everyone knows the Big Game in the NFL, Super Bowl LI, was just held on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017. But, only hockey fanatics know that the NHL All-Star Game was held back on Sunday, Jan. 29. Meanwhile over in MLB, baseball junkies like me know that pitchers and catchers don’t report for spring training until Sunday, Feb. 12. And hoop fans…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    … If you’ve ever searched YouTube for fail videos or cute animal compilations, chances are you’ve landed on a channel owned by Jukin Media. The viral video brand searches the web for user-generated content (UGC) on the brink of virality, purchases the rights, and then works with brands to license the content. Jukin also compiles these user…

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  • 8 Reasons Why Consumers Will Watch and Engage With Your Video

    … to collect strategic insights related to different variables within the pre-roll and native video ad formats. They surveyed 13,600 people (6,400 PC users and 7,200 mobile users), ages 18-54, and 50% males/50% females. Their research methodology involved surveying people prior to ad exposure, then exposing them to a video ad, and finally surveying people…

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