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    • CNN: Billions of Online Video Views Means it’s More Than Just a Cable News Network

      Some of the journalists and bloggers who cover the news media can be pretty myopic. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read stories about CNN that are narrowly focused just on its cable TV ratings. Nielsen Media Research recently reported that Fox News ranked #1 among all cable networks during the week of March 6-12, 2017, with an average of 2.4M viewers in prime time.

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  • What Will the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB Do Now That Vine Has Gone?

    …, they all went right back to work as if nothing very significant had happened. Heck, they still had a job to do and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other video platforms were still available to promote their respective sports brands. So, why go into mourning for an extended period of time? Meanwhile, after spending a couple of hours poking around…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    … viral video is brought in, or when we're live streaming on Facebook and everyone is eyeing the stats in real time. What tools do you use to manage Jukin's channels? JK: We've built a proprietary content management tool that organizes our growing library of viral clips, which are the raw materials that many of our content formats are leveraging. We…

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  • 8 Reasons Why Consumers Will Watch and Engage With Your Video

    … to collect strategic insights related to different variables within the pre-roll and native video ad formats. They surveyed 13,600 people (6,400 PC users and 7,200 mobile users), ages 18-54, and 50% males/50% females. Their research methodology involved surveying people prior to ad exposure, then exposing them to a video ad, and finally surveying people…

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  • 7 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos May 2016

    … The last couple of months has seen much activity on Instagram, with the image and video-based platform launching a number of new features to its users. For instance, creators can now upload videos of up to 60 seconds, allowing publishers to entertain and engage viewers for that much longer. Instagram also finally debuted the much talked about…

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  • How The Battle of Brexit Played Out in Online Video

    … produced the most popular Brexit video uploaded between January 1 and July 6 – taking the top spot in both views and engagements out of the 62,300 videos uploaded to the major video platforms. Mot viewed Brexit related video views (All data via Tubular) However, only 15% of John Oliver’s audience is located in the UK, so any effect of HBO’s…

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  • Top Vine Stars & Most-Watched Vine Creators: June 2016 Leaderboard

    … followers on her Vine account, and her Vine content generated an impressive 90M loops on her channel in June. Along with Thomas Sanders and other Vine superstars who are fast becoming are the new Influencers for millennials, Pons can command a good fee for any product or service endorsed. She has used her Vine channel to collaborate with or promote Ritz…

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  • How The Battle of Brexit Played Out on Facebook Video

    …. Views of Brexit videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Vine (Data via Tubular) Majority of Brexit Videos Views on Facebook Facebook (blue) was the go-to platform for viewers of #Brexit video content, despite the fact that the majority of content was uploaded to YouTube (red). In fact, 76% of the 544 million views of videos on the topic and 62…

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  • 7 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos May 2016

    …% by 2021, Instagram is already bolstering its video encoding process in anticipation. The Facebook-owned site already has an active user base of around 400M per month, and time spent watching Instavids has grown by an impressive 40% over the past 6 months. In terms of branded content on Instagram, many companies are regularly using the site as part…

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