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    • 5 tips to avoid crumbling on camera [video]

      Not everyone is comfortable speaking on camera. Some people freeze up and look stilted. Others are too terrified to even give it a shot. But there’s no need to panic. Over the years I’ve seen it all and I’m used to helping get the best possible moment from nervous talent. Here are five tips I’ve learned to help you avoid crumbling on camera.

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    • The power of voice: how to deliver an amazing presentation

      It frequently amazes me that, when trying to communicate, very often the power of the voice is forgotten. I sit listening to a speech from a CEO about a hugely exciting development in his industry, yet the audience in front of him isn’t pumped. I hear the delivery of the latest strategy from an executive to her team and see her team members surreptitiously checking their iPhones.

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  • How to get the talent right for your next video

    … to the Lush newsletter (top right-hand side of this page) for fortnightly advice to help you market your business better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: 5 ways to master appearing in front of the camera 5 practical tips on body…

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  • 5 ways to master appearing in front of the camera

    … of this page) for fortnightly advice to help you market your business better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: 5 practical tips on body language in video interviews 6 ways to avoid crumbling in front of the camera The art of public speaking [podcast] The post 5 ways to master appearing in front of the camera appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • How to avoid 4 common corporate video lighting mistakes

    … Lighting, especially in corporate films, is a part of the filmmaking process that, if skipped, really stands out. Badly lit interviews can cause the viewer to completely switch off from the conversation they are watching because subconsciously their brain is trying to right the wrong they are viewing. Done well, lighting can really add mood…

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  • How to make your video stand out from the crowd

    … Have you ever watched a film, music video or high-end television drama and noticed all the little things? Actually you probably haven’t — that’s what sets a high-budget video production apart. Now, I’m not talking large sets or high-end composites. It’s the little things that “sell” the scene. Recently I worked on a short film for a very large…

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  • Why You Need Animation in Your Video Marketing Strategy

    … in history, due in part to the language barrier, but when he sat down at the computer and started to work, it didn’t take long before his new name was thrust upon him. He was able to take a brief and use his magic to create something that left everyone amazed. The man from the land of Leonardo had left his mark on Perth video production. Since…

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  • 5 hot tips to make a video production on a tight budget

    …. What’s the secret to producing a high-quality production on a smaller budget? Boundaries. So, here are my five hot tips (these are better than regular tips) on how to make a video production on a budget. 1. Preparation Recently I met with a client who needed a video produced. They had ‘kind of’ an idea of what they wanted but weren’t really sure what…

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  • Here’s the one big reason so many corporate videos fail

    … How often have you watched a corporate video only to find yourself bored by the 30-second mark? You’re not alone. Corporate videos are a big investment — it’s insane how many of them completely fail to engage their intended audience. Surely it’s not that hard to tell an engaging, winning story. So where are the brands and production companies…

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  • 4 ways a production house is better than a one-man band

    … and the guy who pitched for new work. Doing all these things was invigorating at the time, and I also learnt some valuable lessons in both post-production and business. But something else I learned was that if I wanted to grow —both as a business and on a professional level — I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help. Fast forward eight years and I’m…

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  • Top Tips on Selecting a Video Production Company

    …. But as the video industry grows so do your options in choosing a production company to help bring your ideas to life. It can be a tricky road to navigate, with potential wrong turns costing you money and even worse, your reputation. Here are some vital points to consider when deciding on a company to work with: Have a face-to-face conversation Whether…

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  • Using Video to Keep Your Internal Communication Open

    … something than if you can afford to do it. You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on good quality video. A good production company will know how to tailor a budget so you get the best bang for your buck. It’s all too easy to take your foot off the gas when things get tough, but a motivated workforce who feel like they have transparency in what…

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  • How to Find the Right Marketing Agency

    … of advertising – no matter how simple – to show what you can do. I don’t think this is too unreasonable a request and something anyone should consider when looking for a Content Marketing or Video Production agency. Saying you do something and actually doing it are sometimes completely different. Don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of a company’s work…

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  • 2015 – A Lush year in review

    … So that was 2015. It seemed to be over even quicker than 2014. We’ve had quite a year here at Lush and have been privileged to work with fantastic organisations doing wonderful things. Whether in the content marketing space or the video production side of things, it’s been another rewarding 12 months. As Christmas seems to be the time for lists…

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  • Perfecting Your Video Production to Please Your Audience

    … of unhappy viewers. What looks tasty and makes sense to some makes others confused and hungry. Here are four things to consider when planning your next video production: What story are you trying to tell? A good menu gives the chef a chance to showcase the finest local ingredients, crafted in imaginative ways and presented just how you like…

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  • The Rise Of Video Marketing

    … What can you do to capitalise on your video production? There’s no denying the impact of video content in today’s internet-crazed society. You cannot turn a single corner of the Web without bumping into some type of video – whether it’s a Vine on Facebook or a short film on Vimeo. Google estimates more than 300 hours of video are uploaded…

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