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    • What is the best time of day to be creative?

      Working at a creative agency, we see a huge range of people walk through our doors: from photographers and actors, through to bankers and mining professionals. What they all have in common is an interest in getting their project off the ground. Some feel inspired and full of ideas, while others feel overwhelmed and unsure. Whatever camp you are in, that’s no problem.

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  • Why 3D modelling is perfect for your next video

    … removes barriers We experience the world in 3D. If a picture paints a thousand words, that’s amplified hundreds of times over when you can see an object from all angles. Our brains are designed to understand the things we see very quickly. If you include a 3D animation in your product or corporate video, it means you can remove a lot…

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  • Should I use a white screen in my corporate video?

    … When you’re planning a corporate video production there are myriad questions you need to answer: Everything from what’s possible on your budget through to when and where to physically film it. In many instances, in so many ways, using a white screen studio is a great way to keep things simple, efficient and cost effective — while not having…

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  • Virtual Reality: The incredible experiential sales tool

    … that experience, this time using virtual reality. The Tate Modern has announced what promises to be a blockbuster exhibition of the paintings of Modigliani, who worked in early twentieth-century Paris alongside the likes of Picasso. The gallery wants to “revolutionise the way people create and experience art”, by allowing art lovers to step inside…

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  • How much does a corporate video cost?

    … production agency. Plus, I’ll give you three ideas to help keep costs down in your next corporate film production. 5 things that affect the price of your corporate video How long will it take? The best way to manage your expectations is not by asking yourself what your pre-determined budget is, but by asking “how long will what I’m asking for take…

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  • Here’s why video works as a marketing tool

    … started with ‘Me at the zoo’ on April 23, 2005. In 12 short years, we have gone from that one video online to more than one billion hours watched per day. The insatiable appetite is there so why some businesses are still resisting video in their marketing strategy is a mystery — a corporate video production is a great way to share your brand’s…

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  • How to create video that works for social media

    …-term, strategic view of video content production 4. Define what success looks like at the start Let’s be realistic, out of the 72 hours of video footage that are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, almost none of that will go viral. If that is your end goal you might as well pack up and go home, and I would tread carefully around anyone who says…

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  • Is it email marketing or SPAM in a fancy package?

    Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. Using marketing technology is one of those things. Email automation, especially drip email, could be destroying your brand. If you’re using drip email campaigns for lead generation, chances are you’re doing more harm than good. Email marketing is one of the most important tactics for content marketing – or any marketing.

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  • Are you making demands with your content marketing?

    … Have you ever met a person who improves the energy in a room just by walking through the door? They’re the people you want to be near – the folks you lean a little closer to so you don’t miss a word. Invariably, they pull from a deep well of charisma to make everyone around them feel included. They command your attention and you willingly give…

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  • 3D modelling isn’t just for Hollywood; it’s for SMEs too

    …. If you need 3D modelling or any other kind of animation in your next video, or for your website, contact Lush Digital Media. Like what you’ve read? Sign up to the Lush newsletter for fortnightly advice to help you market your business better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand…

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  • 4 questions to ask before making a corporate video

    … Before you go ahead and create a corporate video, there are a few points to consider. If you can answer these questions before you do anything else, then the whole process will be a lot easier and seamless for both you and the production company making the video for you. Who is the audience? First, think about whom the video will be aimed…

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  • 5 reasons you should start embracing 360 video

    … better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Brand Newsroom: Dos and don’ts of corporate video [podcast with show notes] 5 Hot tips to make a video production on a tight budget Top tips for selecting a video production company Why video is now an essential part of the marketing mix The post 5 reasons you should start embracing 360 video appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • How to elevate your production with the use of drones

    … talent from quite a close distance and are easily able to make quick turns or fly through small spaces. In a helicopter you have to stay far away from all obstacles and they are very hard to manoeuvre quickly. 3. The Cinematic Visuals Having drone footage in your production really takes the quality of your video up a notch. Instead of just having…

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  • The secrets to success with video for social media

    Since we started making corporate videos at Lush back in 2008, there’s been one major shift that seems to outweigh everything else: Length is really important. We began with three-and-a-half minutes, but tolerated four. We lopped that down to three, then to two and now, with the rise and rise of social platforms, the ideal snackable video is probably no more than 30 seconds.

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