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  • How-to Discover Trending Videos: 6 Ways to Search Social Media Like a Pro

    Social media is becoming an increasingly popular place to discover video content. Brands are taking notice and embracing the power of social video and the ease of sharing video content on social platforms other than YouTube. However, with the sheer amount of noise on social media, it's becoming much more difficult to break through the clutter and make sure your videos get in ...

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  • List of Video Search Engines and Video Search Web Sites (Updated)

    … We are all well aware that Google/YouTube hold the keys to entry in the video space right now. Ranked as the #1 and #2 search engines respectively, the ability to search within the site gives YouTube a distinct advantage over its competitors. But, if for some reason, you don’t want to use Google or YouTube for your video searching needs, there…

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  • Forget Video Marketing, It’s All About Social Media Marketing

    According to the latest Compete PRO data, social media giant had 167,345,887 unique visitors in July 2014, putting the site just slightly ahead of, which had 166,427,373 unique visitors that month. This means that Facebook is – once again – the largest social media site in the U.S.

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  • How Closed Captions Increase Video Views, Rankings and ROI [Study]

    … who viewed a transcript. They found that 7.23% viewed at least one transcript. Further, they found a 6.68% increase in search traffic attributable to transcripts. Improving Search Engine Rank with Transcripts Transcription has been a core part of SafeNet's video SEO strategy for years; recently, they were curious to see how quickly video…

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  • YouTube Embeds, Skippable Ads, and Video Topics [TubeTalk #26]

    … the ad skip button? Or, conversely, do advertisers have to pay for a view if a user clicks the "Skip Ad" button? Well, in the YouTube TrueView system (aka AdWords for Video), the pre-roll format is known as In-Stream. Advertisers only pay when you watch 30 seconds or more of the video (unless the video itself is shorter). And creators only get…

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  • How to Use Advanced Search Feature in YouTube Video Manager [Creators Tip #144]

    If you have a large library of videos on your channel, searching through it can be somewhat difficult. You may be looking for one specific video, but the keywords you use to search for that one video may apply to hundreds of videos on your channel. Thankfully, YouTube has an advanced search feature that lets you refine your search to find the exact video you're looking for in your Video Manager.

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  • YouTube Keyword Research vs Google Keyword Research: There’s a Difference!

    Yesterday, I looked at the first part of a 30-minute presentation that Andreas Goeldi, the Chief Technology Officer at Pixability, gave last week at the . That part looked at Content Strategy and Audience. Today, I'll share some of the "Big Data" that he presented in the second part of "By the Numbers: YouTube Science and Measurement." It looked at Discoverability and Engagement.

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