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  • Video Creators: How-to Properly Disclose Paid Endorsement Deals

    … Did You Know? Video Creators in Breach of FTC Guidelines if They Fail to Disclose Sponsorships Recently, YouTube came under fire from consumer advocacy groups who accused them of presenting kids with ads disguised as user-generated content in their YouTube Kids app. This is quite the charge considering the lengths YouTube says they have gone…

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  • Why User-generated Video Needs the Same Protection as Branded Content

    …-generated Video Content: Yes, it's Still Subject to Copyright Law User-generated viral videos - the most organically shared and viewed of all video formats – has long suffered from a neglectful ‘home video’ perception. The stigma -- as often perpetuated by mass media forums -- suggests that content we create, upload, and share is somehow exempt…

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  • Your Quick Guide to Reporting Freebooted Videos to Facebook

    … and if you’re looking for ways to fight freebooting yourself, hopefully we’ve got the answer you need. Method #1 – Directly Report Freebooted Videos I’m not a big fan of this method, although it will at least give you a track record of making every attempt to take down the offending video and it would be a great first step in the process. In the end…

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  • Video Production and Copyright: Protect Yourself In Agreements!

    … before going to court. Video Production Professionals: Know Your Rights Hill says the moral to the story really is “know your rights”. He says by the same logic, video production companies who hire freelancers should be specific about licensing rights and ownership or perhaps have the videographer sign a “work for hire”. “If you are contracting…

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  • Video Production and Copyright: Innocent Infringement is Not OK

    Many of us in the world of video production and video marketing jumped into our businesses without really understanding the legal ramifications of copyright infringement. And, even if we did have a brief conversation with an attorney, the world of copyright issues is fluid, and often very confusing.

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  • Crime Fighting Video Advertising Fraud

    … fraudsters the blueprint for gaming the system. In the world of Video Ad Serving Template (VAST), a criminal knows what part of the XML to manipulate to their ends. This is why public exchanges that trade in large quantities of VAST inventory are known as some of the most dangerous places to trade in inventory. The other pernicious result of standardizing…

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  • The Four Big Myths About Copyright And Online Video

    … case. So, they are quick to follow the law and take down an offending website." Myth #4: If a copyright notice is not given, the copyright doesn't exist. I can't really be expected to track down a copyright claim every time I want to use a video clip can I? False. No notice of copyright is required. The creator of any original work has an implied…

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  • YouTube Tells Indie Music Publishers to Sign Up or Lose Out

    … Music has always played an important role on YouTube. According to the most recent comScore numbers, VEVO pulls in over 35 million unique viewers to the site. Just last month Rihanna's VEVO channel became the first to top 5 billion views, although who knows how many of those could be fakes with VEVO's main hub just last month. But the music scene…

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  • Vimeo Launches Own ContentID System for Copyright Infringements

    … If you've ever tried watching a video on YouTube, I'm sure you're more than familiar with the 'Copyright Claim' graphic (below). For a brief moment, you click on a link thinking you'll get the video you want, and then BAM! You're stuck with this annoying screen because Content ID matched up the video you wanted to watch with something else…

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