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    • Superheroes and Nostalgia Drive Warner Bros. Social Video Strategy

      Since 1923, Warner Bros. has been one of the leading entertainment brands in the film and television industries. Founded by four brothers whose family had emigrated to Canada from present-day Poland, Warner Bros. is known for contributing some of the most famous entertainment titles to date, such as the Looney Tunes animations and characters and the World War II romantic classic Casablanca.

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    • Gaming and Entertainment Rule the Sponsored Video World

      Thanks to Tubular’s latest Sponsored Video Marketing Report, we know views on sponsored video content on YouTube and Facebook in Q1 2017 grew year-over-year by a whopping 242% and 7390%, respectively. Obviously, something about sponsored video works. Whether that’s because audiences are already familiar with their favorite companies and want to see more content from them, or ...

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  • Pet Industry Scores Big with 2M Average Video Views for Sponsored Content

    Sponsored video content has seen an upsurge in production and success over the last year, as Tubular’s new DealMaker Sponsored Video Marketing Report discovered. Some industries in particular are striking gold when it comes to sponsoring videos; in fact, in quarter one of this year alone, the top three most successful sponsors in terms of video views pulled in almost 2.

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  • Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Take Their Fight to Online Video

    … In the build up to this weekend’s boxing clash between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, we take a look at the online video story behind the much-hyped ‘Money fight’. Using data from Tubular Labs, we can confirm that videos featuring the pair have topped 1 Billion views on both YouTube & Facebook in the two months since the fight…

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  • How Refinery29 Owns its Lifestyle Video Presence

    …, was valued at $500 million. Clearly, the company’s message and content resonate very well with its audience. And part of that content includes video. Over the last eleven years of its existence, Refinery29 has become one of the most-recognized publishers in the world of online video. Appropriately, its visual content centers around lifestyle-related…

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  • Business Insider Videos Thrive on Delivering Soft News

    … the original research generated through the BI Intelligence service. But BI isn’t just known for words on a page. The news brand is no stranger to the world of digital video, either. With multiple social video accounts across sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, BI has established itself as a go-to source for clips related to news, current…

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  • Ramadan Online: Holy-Month Related Video Content That Resonates

    … whose videos people were engaging with. You can download the exclusive insights below to see how influencer-generated content uploaded to YouTube during Ramadan 2016 accounted for 54% of overall views for that topic. Connected to that, live prayer videos uploaded during Ramadan 2016 were 7.2 times more engaging than the average YouTube video…

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  • Here’s the Daily Mail’s Winning Social Video Strategy

    … boasted the largest circulation in the entire world at one million, rivaling top competitors The New York World and The New York Journal. Now, the Daily Mail’s popularity has gone digital. With over 11.3 million followers on Facebook alone, the news outlet is one of the most-watched video producers around, frequently claiming a top ten position…

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  • Audiences Can’t Get Enough of Wonder Woman Video Content

    … and engagement trends and earned media outcomes for this superheroine film’s clips. Wonder Woman Content Is Kicking A$$ and Taking Names Across the Board Since May 1, 2016, the views on both official and user-generated content (UGC) have been fairly similar, though views on official trailers and previews are higher (this difference can probably…

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  • Top Media Publishers Drive 86% Growth in Video Views on Facebook

    …, and what data do you need at your fingertips to make those mission-critical decisions? As part of our quarterly deep-dive into the insights that matter in online video, Tubular’s new ‘State of Online Video Report Q1 2017’, highlights the data on total social video performance across all the video distribution platforms that Tubular tracks. You’ll…

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  • How The New York Times is Making News With Social Video

    …, YouTube, Vine, Twitter, and Instagram. Across all of its social profiles, the media brand boasts 15.2 million total followers, with 13.9 million of them (roughly 91%) hailing from Facebook alone. Thanks to these dedicated fans, NYT routinely pulls in millions of views a month from its video content. Here’s how the publishing giant runs its social video…

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  • Destruction Content Is Blowing Up on YouTube

    In the spring of 2016, Reddit users lost their minds over one YouTube channel in particular and directly contributed to its massive growth. How massive? Well, within 30 days, the lucky Finnish-based Hydraulic Press Channel, which specializes in destruction content AKA as squishing just about anything with (unsurprisingly) a powerful hydraulic press, saw a 6000% growth in subs ...

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  • Going to #NewFronts2017? Get Your Exclusive Tubular Tear Sheets Today!

    … NewFronts 2017 kicks off next week in New York, and Tubular Labs has compiled an exclusive set of #NewFronts 2017 Tear Sheets so you’ll have key benchmarks on each publisher at your fingertips. The Tear Sheets include each publisher’s social reach across YouTube and Facebook, its average views per video, engagement rate, and much more. From…

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  • 5 Brands and Publishers Killing It with Instagram Video in 2017

    … and Instagram in terms of video success. But their parent company also has something to brag about. On Instagram, BuzzFeed boasts 2.6 million followers, and many of its video posts are meme-based, or feature celebrities. It’s most-watched clips since the inception of its Instagram account feature well-known names like Beyonce, Nicole Kidman…

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  • Here’s Why National Geographic Rules Social Video

    … synonymous with powerful storytelling, incredible photography, and compelling messages. And now in the digital age, NatGeo has expanded its media empire even further, boasting over 140 million followers across all its social media accounts. The brand has also morphed into a dominating online video publisher on platforms like Instagram…

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