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    • 5 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos of 2017

      2017 saw some serious upgrades to the Instagram platform, with the image and video-based site launching a number of innovative new features to its users. Creators can now upload longer videos, allowing publishers to entertain and engage viewers for an increased length of time, and Instagram also finally debuted the much talked about algorithmic change which radically changes ...

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  • Get the Latest Insights and Trends for Online Video [Exclusive Report]

    … As social video continues to thrive, more publishers, media companies and influencers are taking advantage of the medium as a means to reach and engage with consumers and fans. Choosing the right strategy for your video distribution is now more important than ever, but how do stakeholders keep up with the key trends in the new video ecosystem…

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  • Gaming and Entertainment Rule the Sponsored Video World

    … squarely on top in terms of engagement, and that was animals and pets. Sponsored content featuring furry critters and fascinating creatures had a 30-day average view count (V30) of 1.2 million. The next-highest V30-boasting genre? Film and movies, with a significantly less count of 273k. According to Tubular’s DealMaker product, the #1 sponsor…

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  • Pet Industry Scores Big with 2M Average Video Views for Sponsored Content

    Sponsored video content has seen an upsurge in production and success over the last year, as Tubular’s new DealMaker Sponsored Video Marketing Report discovered. Some industries in particular are striking gold when it comes to sponsoring videos; in fact, in quarter one of this year alone, the top three most successful sponsors in terms of video views pulled in almost 2.

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  • Superheroes and Nostalgia Drive Warner Bros. Social Video Strategy

    … and the World War II romantic classic Casablanca. The company was originally named Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. but now operates under the title Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Regardless of what it’s called, the company not only knows its way around the silver screen, but around the small, social one, as well. Across the main social video platforms…

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  • Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Take Their Fight to Online Video

    … though, he engages and makes himself available to fans which also means he has an uncanny ability to go viral. The content that is driving the large amount of views for this main event, is of a similar nature to what has made McGregor so big in online video. Mayweather is a social media star no doubt and he has been able to get viral video hits…

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  • How Refinery29 Owns its Lifestyle Video Presence

    … Founded in 2005 with just $5000 by four friends dedicated to helping others refine their personal fashion, Refinery29 is now one of the most popular, fastest-growing media brands in the world. The female-centric brand defines itself as a “lifestyle destination that delivers nonstop inspiration to live a more creative life,” and as of 2016…

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  • Business Insider Videos Thrive on Delivering Soft News

    … million unique visitors each month. But some people just aren’t readers, and prefer consuming their content in a more visual format. That’s where BI’s video content comes in. Tubular data from April 2017 shows Business Insider pulls in an impressive 2.8 billion video views per month on average across all its social accounts. With almost 70% of its…

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  • Ramadan Online: Holy-Month Related Video Content That Resonates

    … We’re well into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began on May 26th and lasts until June 24th, and we’ve already seen a lot of online video content related to this time of prayer and fasting. Tubular Labs looked at videos uploaded during Ramadan of last year (6/6/16 – 7/5/16) to find trends in content related to the holy month and to see…

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  • Here’s the Daily Mail’s Winning Social Video Strategy

    … to be for higher-than-average engagement metrics. Its audience on that platform is highly invested in its content, so much so they interact with it, share it, like it, and comment on it. Of course, other publishers can take a cue from Daily Mail by paying attention to their own engagements on various platforms to see which one best resonates with their particular…

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  • Audiences Can’t Get Enough of Wonder Woman Video Content

    …, the trailer pulled in over 28.3 million views to date via the official Warner Bros. Pictures channel. The Movieclips Trailers brand also saw high view counts on YouTube for the same trailer at 15.6 million, likely without as much promotion as Warner Bros., but still large enough to bring plenty of eyeballs onto the film’s release. Official and UGC…

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  • Top Media Publishers Drive 86% Growth in Video Views on Facebook

    … to that site, and found that media publishers were generating an incredible number of views and engagements. The top 2000 media companies active on Facebook saw a 86% increase in social video views in Q1 2017, compared to Q1 2016. The research also highlighted the fact that these publishers saw a 73% increase in likes, shares, and comments year-on-year…

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  • How The New York Times is Making News With Social Video

    … could easily take front and center. Thanks to more than 8500 videos, ranging from political news pieces to human interest stories, NYT has captured more than 365 million views to date, with each clip seeing around 42.8k views. Almost 50% of these views come from the United States, with the majority (79%) of the media publisher’s YouTube audience…

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  • Destruction Content Is Blowing Up on YouTube

    … of the internet’s attention over the last year. In fact, Tubular’s recent State of Online Video Report for Q1 2017 discovered views on clips in this very niche genre increased 366% over the same quarter in 2016! The Sudden Rise in Popularity of Destruction Videos Videos which crush, dismantle, or otherwise annihilate different objects have existed on YouTube…

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