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Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networking services and other technologies to try to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses (cf. Internet memes and memetics). It can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet and mobile networks. Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, text messages, email messages, or web pages.
Posts about Viral Marketing
  • How to increase your content’s viral potential

    …, relevance and tapping into something in the wider consciousness that resonates with people. But many researchers and marketers have set out to define, scientifically, what exactly it is that makes us share content? What are the emotions and thought processes that are involved in the process of deciding to share something? And is there something…

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  • How to Get Insane Amounts of Traffic and Subscribers from SlideShare

    … landing page on the TrackMaven site, giving you access to the selected report in exchange for your contact details. Here’s the landing page for The Colossal Content Marketing Report: Right now you might be thinking: “This is going to take too much time!” But just remember, perfection is the enemy of progress. It’s important to get started rather…

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  • 3 Viral Sharing Tips for Your Squarespace Blog

    … morsels will draw them back for the full article. Keep this last fact in mind, as it establishes a strong foundation for viral content. When you understand the concept of providing appealing, shareable components, this will help you in blogging, social media marketing, and beyond. Tip 3: Be Controversial and/or Informative The world is full…

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  • How Not to Go Viral: 4 Viral Marketing Fails

    …? Let's start by looking at what not to do. Here are four of the biggest viral marketing fails of all time. Samsung: Memes Without Context A 2013 ad campaign from Samsung had the right idea - capitalize on popular memes to produce relevant content - but failed in its execution. The meme, known as the Overly Attached Girlfriend, followed from a video…

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  • Why Safety Videos are the New Video Marketing for Airline Brands

    … safety video serve two purposes. To inform the passenger while keeping them entertained - and therefore engaged - and also as an excellent video marketing tool for the airline. The very best of the bunch are going viral, the latest being Delta's “The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet” in which the worlds of airline safety and internet memes…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post That Gets 1000s of Shares

    … are embarrassing in comparison. You just can’t seem to figure out the whole “viral” thing. Here’s the part you’re missing. Certain types of content are more likely to be shared than others. Sure, quality is important. But some posts have shareability in their DNA. And one type in particular is almost guaranteed to catch fire on social media… The expert…

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  • 4 Videos That Get Cause Marketing Right

    … “We’re in business to help improve lives.” If you hadn’t heard of TOMS, you might find this an unlikely slogan for a trendy shoe and apparel company. But I’m betting that you’re familiar with the company and the concept that has made it memorable: to help one person in need for every product purchased. The company’s “One for One” mantra has…

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