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A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of (most often) Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. Viral videos often contain humorous content and include televised comedy sketches, such as The Lonely Island's "Lazy Sunday" and "Dick in a Box", Numa Numa videos, The Evolution of Dance, Chocolate Rain on YouTube; and web-only productions such as I Got a Crush... on Obama. Some eyewitness events have also been caught on video and have "gone viral" such as the Battle at Kruger.More recently, the Kony 2012 video by Invisible Children, Inc.
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  • Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Take Their Fight to Online Video

    … In the build up to this weekend’s boxing clash between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, we take a look at the online video story behind the much-hyped ‘Money fight’. Using data from Tubular Labs, we can confirm that videos featuring the pair have topped 1 Billion views on both YouTube & Facebook in the two months since the fight…

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  • Top Three Takeaways From #VidCon 2017 Industry Track

    … was successfully “disputed” and monetization was restored because it was about a faceplant, not a skinhead. Then, he showed a trending viral video from Daily Picks and Flicks, which covers all the funny, interesting and strange stuff that is buzzing around the world. This second video featured a pigeon jumping off a building, but when it was retitled, “Bird…

    Greg Jarboe/ ReelSEOin Social YouTube- 35 readers -
  • How to manage a PR crisis: the 12 golden rules

    … or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Always think through the consequences of your content How to gain trust for your brand Brand Newsroom: Dealing with PR disasters (lessons from Trump, Rio and Delta) So you want a viral video The post How to manage a PR crisis: the 12 golden rules appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • User-generated March Madness Videos Explode on Instagram

    … 14th – April 3rd of this year, engagement on March Madness video content on Instagram exploded compared to last year. Instagram engagement increased by 127% compared to content uploaded during the 2016 March Madness two-week window. What could have caused such an increase? I’m glad you asked. This year, the top content on Instagram during…

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  • A Day in the Life Of: Head of Brand Partnerships at ATTN:

    … been so successful in terms of online/viral video content? TC: Our mission at ATTN: is to tell stories that are worth your attention. Many of these stories are centered around passion points across parenting, social justice, education, the environment, and “adulting” issues. We use conversational language to create a cogent argument around each…

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  • Game Changer? Going viral for all the wrong reasons

    … “Hey guys, I’m just heading downstairs for my Paleo pear and banana bread, would you like to join me?” And so begins three of the most awkward minutes in recent video production memory. The production in question is the $4000 dollar “Game Changers” campaign by the Department of Finance, aimed at enticing new graduates to join the department’s…

    Lush Digital- 26 readers -
  • So you want a viral video

    … One of the last things I want to hear a client say when talking about a video production is that they “want it to go viral”. When I think of viral videos, I go straight to things like Psy’s Gangnam Style and Charlie Bit My Finger. They are both great videos that got people to share them around and talk about them. But where are they now? Sure Psy…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    …, the brand also boasts the title of highest per video view across 30 days at 2,153 views. Jukin is also tied for 2nd in per video engagements with an overall 1.1x increase in engagement compared to average videos. One of the masterminds behind Jukin Media's popular YouTube channels is Josh Kreitzman, Head of Programming and Publishing. Kreitzman…

    ReelSEOin Facebook- 33 readers -
  • Inside Fatherly’s very grown-up viral video strategy

    … The millennial dad-focused website Fatherly has been on Facebook barely more than a year, but it’s already using it in a very grown-up way. Thanks to a quickly, finely honed Facebook video strategy that’s earned Fatherly more than 250 million views in under a year, the site is now using its viral videos to grow not just its presence…

    Digiday- 15 readers -
  • 10 Video Marketing Lessons from the Top Brands and Video Creators of 2015

    … you’ll make my list this time next year! Best Use of Branded Video 2015: 5 Top Brands BuzzFeed No brand has cracked the code this year quite like BuzzFeed. They have spent a tremendous amount of effort finding out what type of content resonates best with viewers on every platform and figuring out the most efficient way to draw in viewers based…

    Andy Smith/ ReelSEO- 35 readers -
  • The Brands and Agencies Behind the Most Popular Video Ads on YouTube

    … before: The Top Creative Agencies, the Top Brands, and the Top Media Agencies based on the YouTube Ads Leaderboards. Now, ReelSEO frequently focuses on the most popular ads created that month, but it’s time to take a closer look at the agencies and brands behind them. Why is it worth knowing which creative agencies have multiple ads in the year-to-date…

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