• The Top 6 Ways to Grow Your App

    … be a cost per acquisition 20 percent below your margins on every purchase. For gaming, it might be payback of 10 percent in a 30 day period. The second goal is scale: How many total users are on your app. You should always make it a goal to figure out retention, CPA or LTV before going for scale. Give your product built-in virality: Inherent virality…

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  • More New Features for Facebook’s Analytics for Apps

    … content from your website is being shared on Facebook. We’ve added a measure of virality–how frequently a recent link from your website is shared on Facebook–and we’re making it available to all apps that have implemented sharing insights. This allows you to see when your content is becoming popular on Facebook based on all articles published in the last…

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  • How to Deal With Unwanted Virality

    … them private or remove them altogether. Don’t feed the trolls This is a common refrain on the Internet and for good reason. I wanted my story to fade away as quickly as possible, so I chose not to tweet about any of the messages or attention. That way, outlets couldn’t mine my Twitter for new content—something others, such as infamous…

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  • [New Research] Do Viral Emotions Differ by Age and Gender?

    … and women between the ages of 18 – 54 a collection of viral images from Imgur, as well as a set of non-viral images for comparison, we were able to determine which emotions are linked to viral content for different demographics. Their responses were categorized as either positive, negative, or surprised (which can be triggered both positively…

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