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Virtual reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia, is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. Most current virtual reality environments are primarily visual experiences, displayed either on a computer screen or through special stereoscopic displays, but some simulations include additional sensory information, such as sound through speakers or headphones. Some advanced, haptic systems now include tactile information, generally known as force feedback in medical, gaming and military applications.
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  • Virtual Reality: The incredible experiential sales tool

    … that experience, this time using virtual reality. The Tate Modern has announced what promises to be a blockbuster exhibition of the paintings of Modigliani, who worked in early twentieth-century Paris alongside the likes of Picasso. The gallery wants to “revolutionise the way people create and experience art”, by allowing art lovers to step inside…

    Lush Digital- 14 readers -
  • Dell EMC World: 10 Terms Transforming Information Technology

    … into an outlet, you don’t think about the demand, the grid, the amperage, or the backups necessary to ensure power to your device. This is the direction of our mobile devices, our laptops, and our server infrastructure. In many ways, we’re there already but it’s becoming more of a reality. Mixed Reality – the computing power we’re discussing here…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 22 readers -
  • Group Nine Media steals the show at #NewFronts2017

    … describes itself as “the most trusted brand in food, drink, travel & entertainment.” The brand announced: Food/Groups: Lunching this month, this is a new mid-form weekly YouTube series exploring how food is at the center of modern communities and how it ties us together. War & Pizza: Launching this year, this is a long-form pizza-making…

    Greg Jarboe/ ReelSEOin Facebook YouTube- 31 readers -
  • 5 reasons you should start embracing 360 video

    … better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Brand Newsroom: Dos and don’ts of corporate video [podcast with show notes] 5 Hot tips to make a video production on a tight budget Top tips for selecting a video production company Why video is now an essential part of the marketing mix The post 5 reasons you should start embracing 360 video appeared first on Lush Digital. …

    Lush Digital- 18 readers -
  • The Future of Image Search

    … the need to even type a search query. With ‘Generation Z’ being visual and communicating with emojis and photos, it’s not a surprise that visual-technologies are being so heavily invested in, both with time and money. A completely keyword-less search in the near future? We don’t think so, but it seems that very soon visual-search will be fully integrated with traditional-search, and there will be huge opportunities for brands to get involved. Joe Paul Digital Marketing Specialist …

    Tamar SEO and Social Blogin SEO- 17 readers -
  • Are Brands Wasting Their Money on Virtual Reality?

    … A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to (sort of) live out my fantasy of being an NFL quarterback. I was at Social Media Week NY, and spotted a virtual reality (VR) football game: My time to become Tom Brady had finally come. I strapped on the headset I pretended was a helmet, put my hands through a pair of strangely shaped controllers…

    The Content Strategist- 18 readers -
  • How to get started with 360-degree content for VR

    Once a time and resource-heavy exercise, creating and embedding 360 degree imagery has become much cheaper and easier over the past couple of years. The advent of mobile apps that can take 360-degree photographs, or ‘photo spheres’, has made creating 360-degree images accessible to those without specialized equipment.

    Search Engine Watch- 18 readers -
  • Why your business needs virtual reality

    …” and “research” in virtual reality (VR). On this day, with VR Golf, I was playing 18 holes on one of the greatest golf courses the world has to offer. But there is so much more to VR than games. In 2017, virtual reality is something you will hear more and more about, and experts think that soon it will be a big part of your everyday life…

    Lush Digital- 28 readers -
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