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    • Five quick tips to boost your SEO in 2017

      It’s the right time of the year to evaluate your SEO strategy and examine the best ways to improve it during 2017. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, though. New year’s resolutions are not just about our personal goals, so it may be the ideal moment to focus on your business goals and seek for the best ways to boost your SEO presence to improve authority, value and ranking.

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  • The Visual Story of How Jeff Bullas Became a Digital Marketing Influencer

    … Visme to visualize his journey to becoming a digital marketing influencer, and I was inspired by his story. Just six years ago, he was unemployed, going through a divorce, $50,000 in debt and about to close his business. One day, after reading a few books on digital marketing and a blog post advising aspiring bloggers to just start writing, he did…

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  • 10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral

    … of an audience when you need to. If you want to catch your audience’s attention with content, one of the best ways to do so is by making it visual. Visual content has proven to be among the most efficient and effective ways to communicate a message. It is in fact, your best chance to go viral if you want to gain the attention of an audience at scale…

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  • Is This The Future of Infographics?

    … You’ve probably noticed a massive shift in the online world from text-based content to visual content. There’s no denying the power that visuals have on the Internet, as well as in our everyday lives. YouTube and Instagram dominate the visual landscape, with YouTube the 3rd most visited site on the web and Instagram boasting about 80 million…

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  • Video Email Marketing is Here: 3 Ways to Add Video to Your Emails

    … Video content has always been a huge win for email marketers: it can lift click-through rates 200-300% and 45.5% of marketers say it increases their conversion rates significantly. They’re ideal for adding a human element to your emails, whether you’re showing off a new product or sharing video testimonials from happy customers. But adding…

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  • Why Your Infographic is Ruining Your Business

    … make it difficult to read. When it comes to visual content, people want to know everything in a matter of seconds. If they have to scroll and scroll in order to see everything, chances are they will click away. Make it Relevant to Readers, Not You Too many people want to create infographics that “they” like. The problem is that you want them…

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  • How to Write Email Content for Short Attention Spans

    … personalization lets you deliver relevant content to your subscribers and helps you create better customer experiences. Personalization can be as basic as including the recipient’s name in the subject line and copy. Or it can be very sophisticated, making use of contextually designed email programs to capture and hold attention with automatic, dynamically…

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  • How To Create An Eye-Popping Infographic Your Audience Will Love

    … for your specific targets can provide a lot of relevant information. Just as an example, marketing statistics find that stay-at-home moms prefer visuals linked to useful content that is shared over social media. Sounds like a job for an infographic, right? Questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your demographic: “Who is buying my product…

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  • 3 Tools to Create Social Media Visuals

    … to create social media visual content. Why Create Images via Desktop? If you want to batch your visual content, desktop tools are the way to go. While mobile apps are convenient, they aren’t as efficient or easy to use when you want to create more than a few images. Canva and PicMonkey, two of the main tools people use on their computers, have evolved…

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  • Visual Content that Rules the Heart of Marketing

    … Is a picture truly worth a thousand words? It is if you pay attention to statistics relating to visual content and online marketing. The marketing world is changing, due in large part to the proliferation of social media as the primary online communication platform, requiring marketers to adapt the way they do things to accommodate the way people…

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  • 4 Ways Visual Content Improves Social Media Results

    … as possible. If you’re a small business, you may not have an army of graphic designers at your fingertips. In that case, consider using an online design tool to create your own simple, beautiful images. To provide a variety of types of visual content, use memes, screenshots, how-to’s, tutorials, tips, quotes, mood images, statistics, discounts…

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  • Your Guide to Visual Content in Email Marketing

    … That old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s 100% true when it comes to marketing. Blog posts with images see sky-high engagement – up to 650% higher than those without. Visual content gets shared three times more than non-visual content across social channels. As for email marketing, it’s no surprise that more and more people…

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  • 10 Essential Imaging Tools For Successful Bloggers

    … have an in-house designer? Check out Visually, where you can connect with over 1,000 hand-picked designers to get visual content for social media marketing campaigns. Guest Author: Ari Messer is a product marketing consultant who always emphasizes customer happiness above all other metrics. Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more. The post 10 Essential Imaging Tools For Successful Bloggers appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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