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    • 9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority

      Are visuals a part of your social media marketing strategy? Would you like some tools to help boost your visual social media marketing? The fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The one thing these networks have in common is that you can only post visuals like photos and videos on them.

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  • The Visual Story of How Jeff Bullas Became a Digital Marketing Influencer

    … receives more than 5 million visitors a year. He delivers keynote speeches all over the world, has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes, and has been named the world’s top digital and content marketing influencer. The journey to success Stories like these make you want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get…

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  • 10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral

    … of an audience when you need to. If you want to catch your audience’s attention with content, one of the best ways to do so is by making it visual. Visual content has proven to be among the most efficient and effective ways to communicate a message. It is in fact, your best chance to go viral if you want to gain the attention of an audience at scale…

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  • Is This The Future of Infographics?

    … of information and are visually dynamic, but throwing the interactive element allows users to connect with the information and make it their own. Regardless of your business, product, service, or message, you can create an interactive infographic that allows people to evaluate themselves (like the “Calculate your own BMI here” link in the image below). Users…

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  • How To Create An Eye-Popping Infographic Your Audience Will Love

    … for your specific targets can provide a lot of relevant information. Just as an example, marketing statistics find that stay-at-home moms prefer visuals linked to useful content that is shared over social media. Sounds like a job for an infographic, right? Questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your demographic: “Who is buying my product…

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  • How to Create Content Like a Marketing Guru Without Actually Being One

    … If you’re a communicator of any sort, you’ve probably realized by now how important it is to leverage visual content in all your messages – and what a big mistake it is if you don’t. I know this from experience because I’ve traveled the long path from a simple writer to a multimedia storyteller. For many years, I stubbornly stuck to my…

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  • 10 Powerful Visuals That Will Pump Up Your Content Marketing

    … Do you want your visual content to touch the hearts of people far and wide? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want something they put up to get liked and shared within hours? But it takes more than simply uploading and crossing your fingers. It’s about sharing images that make people care. Images that showcase what you and your business stand…

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  • 5 Proven Ways For Driving Traffic to Your Website With Visual Content

    … to drive website traffic is to leverage visual content. The Visual Content Era We are living in the era of visual content. The facts suggest that around 65% of people today are visual learners. Along with this discovery, we also realize that with visual understanding also comes a big challenge for organizations to present the information…

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  • 9 Eye-Popping Visuals To Attract More Social Shares

    It’s no secret that including visuals in your blog posts can lead to increased traffic and content sharing. Using eye catching visuals in your posts is a key element for successful content marketing. Studies completed over the last decade have shown: Blog posts with images get 94% more views Readers connect with images in just 13 milliseconds (or less) Our brains proc ...

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  • 140 Characters Aren’t Enough: 5 Types of Visuals You Should Tweet

    … Visual content is a great way to stand out in the never-ending stream of 140-character messages that appear on Twitter – by an overall rate of 6000 per second. It will not only help you to get twice as much vertical space in the timeline, but it will boost your engagement and result in 35% more re-tweets and 18% more click-throughs. Not a bad…

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  • 7 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Win The Hearts Of Your Fans

    … the corner and they should start looking for that perfect gift. Play with hearts, roses, cupids and other icons and give yourself a Valentine’s Day facelift on all social media platforms. Start by downloading free design application Content Creator with dozens of beautiful, love-inspired templates that can help you create special Valentine’s Facebook…

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